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  2. Recently, I can’t win anything, in any game, especially in video slots, my loss in slots is about 0.5 ETH, this week
  3. Извиняюсь,не тот текст вставил и забыл исправить
  4. Last week
  5. off top: очень читабельно, прям видно "стайл"...а если еще пару раз через переводчик прогнать, думаю можно и в раздел с юмором после такие предложения) on top: можно подробнее о чем речь, либо url к тематике вопроса(ссылку то есть) ?
  6. oh...I'm not playing yesterday in uuu. sorry.. what price in btc for uuu?
  7. I could use some donated uuu?!?!? For i have no uuu.
  8. ну логично...цена за билет минималка для крипты. и да...во всех free кранах сети такое есть. к примеру... freebitco.in да, у них же можно спи...ой, взять идею ставок к событиям.✌
  9. Finally tips are working again. So I paid all of my debts 😅 Promotion event is still running until further notice, so... Good luck everybody!!!
  10. I like it but unfortunately my account was lost due to an error so the email hasn't been set yet despite winning the eth eth yesterday 😭😭😭
  11. Lol hope they can help all of us with the tip sends soon. 😂
  12. Ещё одна идейка вам, крипто лотерея,за определённую сумму, к примеру 0.01 ETH вы покупаете один билет для розыгрыша,сбор средств и продажа билетов 24 часа цикл,вам выпадает рандомный номер, 0-100 который и будет билетом,по оканчание цикла,генерируется рандомное число которое и будет победителем, это в кратце мысли набросил
  13. I kinda miss the awards... like the 10,15,20 ones... dunno if we could bring those back/maybe add some but that would be neat. also; still would love in site exchange (I know it’s a lot of work but yeah, would love whenever it happens)
  14. The Claim Button on the Referral commission page is not working I cannot claim my referral bonuses Nevermind.. it took a minute to do anything but I claimed it
  15. Earlier
  16. Thanks for new feedbacks. For 1, we don't use the same value from manual as people may have different strategies for manual and auto. For 2, it's indeed a UI bug. Good catch! For 3, I'll tell developers to unlock balance when limit is reached. That's a good optimization. I'd suggest to switch to Chrome or Safari browser, as we have better support for those 2 browsers (they occupy 80%+ of the browser market). Right now, the team doesn't have enough bandwidth to support all browsers, really sorry about that.
  17. “Max bet” for dice doesn’t work... ALSO; its lets you start auto even if you have min bet Above the stop loss that you have engaged.
  18. LAURA YOU AND WHOLE TEAM ARE 💣! when rain bot and new coins get added I’ll be so over joyed and glad you guys are actively trying to always improve the site and com, it’s more than a lot of crypto casinos can say and believe me, as a gambler I can tell which casinos are trying to improve themselves to attract new players and which ones aren’t. you guys keep up the good work, I’ll keep making you monies 😂
  19. Thanks for all the feedbacks! Those are really great observations. The good news is USDT dividend is coming tomorrow! All your mentioned bugs will be fixed soon: Dice auto-bet issue; frozen page issue; chatroom auto-scroll and TIP feature TRX/LTC/DOGE betting and rain-bot in chatroom is already added to the roadmap.
  20. Thanks for the feedbacks. We'll update the instructions on Help Centre soon And for dark mode, are you talking about black background? In my eyes, the current purple is dark mode 😅
  21. You'll be able to claim them on Satoshi Club page directly once you meet the requirements to get bonus.
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