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  2. Всем привет Начну, джекпот - я каждый день наблюдаю на сайте его, но количество джекпота не меняется, наоборот, всё больше и больше,если говорить правду то сюда приходят поиграть и немного заработать,но суть такова, что не всем повезло в игре,как вы смотрите на то чтобы 7 % которые идут в джекпот, разделить, на 3,5 % в джекпот и на 3,5 % - обмен на сайте TXT на крипту,Rain bot, дневной Розыгрыш для топ 10 игроков в заданной игре
  3. Hey Man, you're genius! Unfortunately, my math is bad, so I may not clearly understand all your points. What I know in Casino industry is that all random results follow the "law of large numbers" and you need a rather large sample to make the law work. Besides, all the licensed casino will not manipulate result, as they value reputation more than short-term return. For example, we paid 100k+ EUR in order to get the license. Why we do that? we believe that a regulated casino will have better reputation and attract more players in the long term, and thus bringing more value to the TXT eco-system.
  4. Although this makes me wonder wtf is going on. No one in their right mind would assume something like this happens by chance.
  5. It's been a while since I had to work with statistics, so this one might be wrong. If anyone see anything odd with it, let me know.
  6. Expected outcome would be 0-35 (35%) 36-65 (30%) and 66-100 (35%) Real outcome: 0-35 (30,5%) 36-65 (35,5%) and 66-100 (34%) It is a relatively small sample, given how many bets I make per day. But it should be big enough sample to at least give a hint on how it look overall. Most notable is how the 36-65 rolls happens 5,5% more often than expected. Which is also the numbers people are less likely to bet on. I should state that this thread isn't meant to complain and moan. But the more we know, the wiser we can place our bets.
  7. The chi-square test in this one is wrong. It assumes that there are equal chance to hit 0-35 as 36-65 and 66-100. The chances are of course 35-30-35. Here's how this test shows in reality. The hypothesis that the distribution of 0-35 rolls and 65-100 roll are rejected. With a statistically significance of 0,05
  8. The second test doesn't look good at all. It's also from 200 rolls, but this time I was betting BTC instead of TXT. Are the dices programmed to be nicer when betting TXT? Results: https://www.scribd.com/document/447011214/Trust-Dice-Analyze-BTC
  9. The problem is when you bet for example on 66-100, that you can have a bad streak on both the middle numbers and the low numbers in a row. That's what's really screwing you over sometimes.
  10. Earlier today I did a small sample of 200 rolls, put it all in a spreadsheet and did a chi-square test on it. Just to see how balanced it really is. Out of this (very small sample) it really does seem pretty balanced. https://www.scribd.com/document/446968608/Trust-Dice-Analyze
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  12. I basically found this place by accident around a week ago. I have no prior experience from crypto and never been much of a gambler. The dice game has treated me well though, and I've gotten between 0.01-0.03 BTC in profit every gaming session. On a personal note, I live in sweden and I'm a psychology student. So the profit from this place really helps out a lot!
  13. Laura


    Two votes here, haha, we'll put it in the roadmap!
  14. That sounds to be a really good idea. It helps to show your profit better. Thanks for the suggestion, mrzoom 😊
  15. crash to have a counter of profit that goes along with the crash number climb
  16. Mrzoom


    Ooooh I 2nd that!!
  17. Guest


    Please consider adding Keno to your line up of games! I'd deposit more if Keno was here!! Seriously though!!
  18. Last week i was more than half way to "crab 2" status... i check to see my progress and am frustrated to see im back at newb status with little progression at all! What the Efffff!?
  19. And the last prizes for the UUU promotion event #2 are paid out. Thanks to all participants, hope you liked it!!! Somewere in the future I expect a third event, so stay tuned! 😎 LonelyStranger (alias Loner)
  20. You should make it so first bet option on game loading isn’t “all in” also... set it to “min” instead and please let the players rekt their own balance as opposed to assuming they WANT to go balls deep first bet. cause you know what they say about assumptions, right trust team?
  21. Sorry for the late response, not always in the forum... 😉 @gsvyat007 at this moment, UUU is worth 0.0000000488 BTC (0.000438 USD). Not much, but there is potential in it, so it is possible to buy it low at this moment! @Mrzoom I mostly trade on Huobi Global because of the smaller parts of BTC. At bibox it is rounded up to the closest Satoshi. @Hudost will tip you some! BTW, I am closing this event on the 1st of February 2020. I have to build up something again for the next UUU promotion event. Thanks all for participating!
  22. So is this said rain bot in action yet??
  23. Where do you suggest to buy uuu and If you could when you get things figured out send some my way be nice to try something new thanks 😊
  24. А если каждый час активируется дождь,но он будет отправлять лишь активным участникам течении этого часа или же в замисимости от твоей активности на сайте
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