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  2. God of Gamblers 2! Rounders! Casino! The Killing! Run Lola Run! SnakeEyes! Croupier! Bob Le Flambeur!
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  4. Badges on AV's for top crash win?
  5. Ccj981 Just learning about txt and the possible revenue from trustdice rewards. Hoping to save a million and produce dividends from my gameplay. Grand prizes at trustdice.
  6. @cryptoj514 Hey 🙂 The prize was sent. Thank you for participating. Other guys, please check your review one more time, I couldn't find it.
  7. @Leelee1979, @Tman223 @rdn970 guys! 🙂 Thank you for paricipating. Prize was sent.
  8. Trust dice. Tman223. [email protected] Trustpilot. Travis McCullough https://www.trustpilot.com/users/5f68252597a9d99e2e7277b1
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  11. Done user name there is chole stann and here it is mrzoom
  12. I did a review on trustfaucet Lisa Lieberknecht
  13. hello phatsoicp is the trust dice name here to say love the serivce #1 place to gamble
  14. jayloc422224 is my askgambler account oikzz086 is my trust dice account
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  16. Hi mate, thanks for the TXT.. I did think we would get ETH though? 🙁
  17. @Depot1874 @Donutlazer guys 🙂 TXT tip was sent :)) @Vsncn708 I think the tip was sent. Check the transactions: link. The type: Tips.
  18. My name on trust pilot is Brooke Lipscomb. Thank you
  19. @VirgoSun86, @Liquid4455 thank you guys! 🙂 Reward was sent 😁
  20. TD name: Papichulo i would really love to have a little longer than 5 seconds between rounds to change my bets and what not.
  21. Link to my review: https://www.askgamblers.com/online-casinos/trustdice-casino-review/#review-5f5a723497232f546733a849
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