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  3. For both sites? I signed up to trusted, left a review and posted in the thread and got my reward the next day, but the ASkGambler one I didn't post until after that , in this thread, as it initially didn't appear.
  4. Hey! 🙂 Guys, I don't know other TrustDice names from TrustPilot. Congrats, reward was sent: @MTLBOBz
  5. MTLBOBz on trust pilote 🙂 mtlbobz3 on casino
  6. I'm still waiting for my free crypto! I got it for my trusted reviews review, but not for this one.
  7. luka123 You should add more incentives to playing like percentage of rate of winning per round and easy to track wins/losses. id: luka123
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  9. Posted a review -- Free Bitcoin dimon --- my casino account oddin121
  10. Hello 🙂 Since a few weeks / months I got the message " Account is at risk" So I can't log in to change my passwort. Is it possible to reactivate my account? Can the support help me? A e - Mail to the support was not answered. Greetimgs Can292 (Stefan)
  11. Indigo is my name check out my review
  12. God of Gamblers 2! Rounders! Casino! The Killing! Run Lola Run! SnakeEyes! Croupier! Bob Le Flambeur!
  13. Ccj981 Just learning about txt and the possible revenue from trustdice rewards. Hoping to save a million and produce dividends from my gameplay. Grand prizes at trustdice.
  14. @cryptoj514 Hey 🙂 The prize was sent. Thank you for participating. Other guys, please check your review one more time, I couldn't find it.
  15. @Leelee1979, @Tman223 @rdn970 guys! 🙂 Thank you for paricipating. Prize was sent.
  16. Trust dice. Tman223. [email protected] Trustpilot. Travis McCullough https://www.trustpilot.com/users/5f68252597a9d99e2e7277b1
  17. Done user name there is chole stann and here it is mrzoom
  18. I did a review on trustfaucet Lisa Lieberknecht
  19. hello phatsoicp is the trust dice name here to say love the serivce #1 place to gamble
  20. jayloc422224 is my askgambler account oikzz086 is my trust dice account
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