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Crypto Market since it started lets see it journey with bitcoin

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Hello Friends, as we know media play big role in our day to day life and it is also involving in Crypto Market since it started lets see it journey with bitcoin in past few years to till now 

Media on Bitcoin:

2010 ==> what

2011 ==>> laughs ((()))😂

2012 ==>> laughs ((())))))😂😂

2013 ==>> laughs ((()))))))😂😂😁

2014 ==>> laughs ((())))))))😁😁😁🤣

2015 ==>> laughs ((()))))))))🤣😂🤣🤩

2016==>>  "Bitcoin used by criminals"

2017 ==>>  "Bitcoin is a bubble"

2018 ==>> "Bitcoin wastes energy"

2019 ==>> "Bitcoin is safe haven and digital gold! Buy it!" That escalated quickly.

The problem is the media is always wrong...so with their buy in, is it a sell signal?

The moment Media starts talking shit about your progress, you can believe the powerful are scared. Sad state of Media today!

What is your experience says on media?


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