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TrustDice X HKEOS

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We are excited to announce the partnership with HKEOS (one of the most famous EOS Block Producers).


Block Producers are decentralized entities that govern the EOS network. They are responsible for reaching consensus and adding blocks of transactions or data to the EOS blockchain. As the only Block Producer in Hong Kong, HKEOS participated in the first EOS test-net and contributed to the launch of the EOS main-net back in 2018. Now they envision ourselves as “the launchpad of dApps”. They believe that the more lucrative dApps on the main-net, the more valuable EOS becomes.

Here at TrustDice, we actually share the same mission as HKEOS in growing the value of the EOS ecosystem with more dApps. TrustDice was launched in September 2018 and has grown into the second-largest project in EOS ecosystem (based on project traffic). There’re now more than 100+ games (Dice, Crash, Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, etc) on the TrustDice platform. We not only support EOS now but also cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDT. The team of TrustDice is distributed among many places around the world (Singapore, Russia, Japan, etc). Yet, they share the same vision: to build a better crypto ecosystem with games, and continuously pushing the boundaries of dApp development.

image (4) (1).png

                                                                  EOS Top 5 projects

We also invite our community members to vote for Block Producers like HKEOS. They have the good technical expertise and know everything about EOS. With more support, they will definitely contribute more to the EOS ecosystem in the future.

To learn more about HKEOS



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