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Live Casino Challenge!

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Hey guyzzz! :)) It's time to face with Live Casino games!

1. Play any game from Live Casino. 
2. Publish screenshot with your Bet or Bet history from live casino page. 
3. Players can bet with ETH, BTC or USDT.

Prize Pool (based on the number of unique players):
Minimum prize pool: 0.015 ETH 
If over 12 players: 0.04 ETH       
If over 20 players: 0.07 ETH        
If over 30 players: 0.11 ETH 

+ little bonus: 1,000 satoshi for each who joins 🙂   

TIME: October 10th, 2 AM UTC time.



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There are games with different amount of Bets. Some has high min. bet amount, some games like Roulette has low min. bet amount. Choose anything you like 🙂

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Account: 1vgvgvgvgvg

Game: Roulette Oracle Casino360


I was to slow to make a screenshot of the winning screen, here is my Player/Account history:



Player/Account history with details of the bet:


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2 hours ago, Lnfvil231 said:

It's a shame, it seems I can't play on live casino in my country...

This is sad 😞 I would suggest to use VPN, no other ways.

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Posted (edited)

Whoa!!! Hello to you too! Too bad your casino is not supported in my country! I looked through the whole forum, I envy everyone who was able to play! I was so obviously missed, haha. Your casino is really cool! I play at GunsBet , and I buy different bonuses here https://welcomebonus.co/bonuses/latest-casino-bonuses/  , so I can have more spins and be able to bet big. So I'm cool and rich too. Eh, if only people who don't play casinos knew how much fun and fun it is. If they knew there were forums like this with cool deals...everyone would be happy and rich! Well, that's what I think. Basically, let them not know, we would be the only ones happy!

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