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How can you generate revenue by using a Trust wallet clone script?

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Trust wallet is one of the well-known crypto wallet applications in the crypto market. Startups who want to start a crypto wallet business similar to a Trust wallet can easily start their wallet business by using a Trust Wallet Clone Script. Trust wallet clone script is a tailor-made clone software that helps you to create an ultra-modern crypto wallet 100% similar to a Trust wallet within a few days. That’s why it’s an efficient way to start a crypto wallet business. By preferring a Trust wallet clone script, startups can save their time and cost for developing crypto wallet software from scratch(from the initial).


Presently, the Trust wallet app is reaping a massive amount of revenue per annum. So as a startup, you could also generate a lot of passive income by launching a crypto wallet like a Trust wallet using the clone script. 


Let's see how you can generate a lucrative amount of money by creating a crypto wallet similar to a Trust wallet. 


  • Withdrawal fee 
  • listing fee
  • Swap 
  • Ads promotions
  • Staking


Withdrawal fee - Earn some percentage from the crypto which is being withdrawn from one wallet to another wallet.


Swap - Like Trust wallet, this clone script also supports swap functionality. So you can collect some amount of money as a network fee from your users. 


Staking- Your users can stake their crypto in the wallet. During that locking period, you can use it for liquidity which helps to generate a good amount of revenue. 


Advertisement - The fee for ads promoting into their wallet. Google Adwords/affiliate could bid for some particular space within a wallet. 


Listing fee - You can collect fees for listing new crypto blockchain networks into your trust wallet clone. 


The above-mentioned are the few revenue-generating methods from which you can earn profits by initiating a crypto wallet business using a Trust wallet clone script.



Refer to this blog for more information and a free demo >> Trust Wallet Clone Script 


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