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    The 2nd Dice Tournament! Make 100x in 5mins❗ Just NOTICE: when the Dice Tournament starts, you will have 12 hours from Monday 11:00 - 23:00 UTC time to bet. You still will have only 5 minutes to play, but you can choose any comfortable time between 11 am till 11 pm, make sure your Internet is proper and you're ready to play. GO to page and press Start, the countdown will start.
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    ETH payout will start soon, with lots of promotions on the way 🥳🥳🚀🚀 Checkout the article to know more, https://medium.com/@trustdice/trustdice-1st-anniversary-96e43f9cef37
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    Hello everyone! The Dice Tournament Round 2 is over. Thank you all for joining it! 😝🤘 This time we were giving 12 hours for players to join Tournament and test their skills in 5 minutes Dice battle. Pretty much most of the players could play it. However, there was players who created multiple accounts to join Dice tournament, as registration was available after start of the tournament. We removed a few accounts who have been cheating in the Tournament. Here is the winners: 1) hustler1984 - prize: 0.46530861 ETH 2) Wzipwe408 - prize: 0.28881239 ETH 3) Qmy076 - prize: 0.20858649 ETH 4) mostbitco - prize: 0.16045132 ETH 5) panjul07 - prize: 0.00273884 BTC 6) ajqwz234 - prize: 0.11231569 ETH 7) trumeth - prize: 0.09627079 ETH 8)) frankcao - prize: 0.00171177 BTC 9) Hhwhh481 - prize: 0.06418053 ETH Prizes were sent! Nice prize isn't ? :)) See you on the next Dice Tournament! 🙂
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    It would broaden the potential for site earnings giving users a incentive to hang around on the site in more ways than one. most obvious method of site earns would be in some way to monetize the consistent traffic at the site the second method of site earns is less obvious maybe but I’m sure is the case people will most likely loose what they get rained and deposit more to feel included or to recoup their losses. if you wanted to make the site more profit sustainable then you can have it rain certain coins with a higher frequency than other coins and also make the users it’s distributed to more selective. Basically; do it, it will yield good results. id personally like to know why you WOULDN’T want to add one?
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    so what about the players that already deposited several times?
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    Hello, I found a bug : When you go in the casino section and select a game, your current selected crypto balance disappear (see image 1). If you quit the game with the cross the balance is shown again but if you just select dice or crash in the tab on the top left, you lost your crypto balance until you refresh your game or return to casino tab, launch a game and leave with the cross :
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    Thanks Bonnie, it’s not really that big of a issue. just a bit discouraging in chat to see “agelospanos” tip himself from “angelospanagi” like 1 billion times a day. Lol >.> maybe make a private tip function so people at least didn’t need to see the obvious exploitation many many times a day. 🙂
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    Hi all :) Super excited to be apart of such an amazing site. I'm new and looking forward to every minute. x
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    Привет. Я рекомендую вам: 1. Запретить регистрацию на 5-ти минутные почты. 2. Сделать кран каждые 1-2 часа. 3. Сделать дождь в чате на сайте казино. ( можно только для VIP1 + ) 4. Добавить русскую комнату чата, это даст вам большое количество новых игроков. Не все знают английский язык. 5. Запретить регистрацию на одинаковую почту Gmail.. 6. Платить за посты на форуме, за активность в чате на сайте казино. 7. Сделать бонус при депозите. 8. Пожалуйста, сделайте меньше минимальную сумму вывода для криптовалют. 9. TIP Нужно подтверждать по почте. 10. Добавить новую онлайн игру.
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    🆕TrustDice is launched Promotion Page for all Newcomers: bit.ly/378OPwE. 👉If you don't have TrustDice account, feel free to create and get Deposit Bonus for BTC/ETH/USDT. 💰Get 1 BTC / 50 ETH / 10000 USDT + 25 free spins from our depo bonus. At this moment for newcomers only.
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