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    Hi dear valued TrustDice players, It looked like UUU was going to dissapear from TrustDice, but it nearly survived it! So to let get more people familiar with this Token and play with it on TrustDice, I will tip everybody 40 UUU tokens who is in the top 10 of Dice or Crash of UUU. Until further notice I will continue this every day from now on 😎 If you don't have UUU tokens, I am happy to donate the first ones so you can start playing! It is also possible to get them on some exchanges like Huobi Global and Bibox. Have fun and play safe! LonelyStranger (alias Loner) PS I won't be able to transfer the prizes directly after the end of the daily award contest. Have also got to go to work and live in a timezone where the daily event ends early in the morning 😉 So probably about 10 hours later. I will always pay my debts!!!
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    Hello everyone! 🙂 As you can see we've updated TrustDice game. I know, I know it needs some improvements 🙂 We will improve everything. Here in the post feel free to share your suggestions about new TrustDice design and functions. Constructive dialogue, opinions and thoughts are welcome!
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    Ещё одна идейка вам, крипто лотерея,за определённую сумму, к примеру 0.01 ETH вы покупаете один билет для розыгрыша,сбор средств и продажа билетов 24 часа цикл,вам выпадает рандомный номер, 0-100 который и будет билетом,по оканчание цикла,генерируется рандомное число которое и будет победителем, это в кратце мысли набросил
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    I kinda miss the awards... like the 10,15,20 ones... dunno if we could bring those back/maybe add some but that would be neat. also; still would love in site exchange (I know it’s a lot of work but yeah, would love whenever it happens)
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    The Claim Button on the Referral commission page is not working I cannot claim my referral bonuses Nevermind.. it took a minute to do anything but I claimed it
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    LAURA YOU AND WHOLE TEAM ARE 💣! when rain bot and new coins get added I’ll be so over joyed and glad you guys are actively trying to always improve the site and com, it’s more than a lot of crypto casinos can say and believe me, as a gambler I can tell which casinos are trying to improve themselves to attract new players and which ones aren’t. you guys keep up the good work, I’ll keep making you monies 😂
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    Thanks for all the feedbacks! Those are really great observations. The good news is USDT dividend is coming tomorrow! All your mentioned bugs will be fixed soon: Dice auto-bet issue; frozen page issue; chatroom auto-scroll and TIP feature TRX/LTC/DOGE betting and rain-bot in chatroom is already added to the roadmap.
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    Well.. everything I was going to say has been covered.. But how do we get the free spins and rewards from the Satoshi club?
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    Well... what can I say, it looks sleeker. The new VIP reward structuring is pretty cool it definitely seems to be better than previous structure. The improvement to “auto dice” through removing the laggy ness and the high low switch feature was a welcomed improvement... That being said... There is a bug (which I already discussed with Rus) in which the site inadvertently ends up thieving the bet of the bettor if they place the bet and then go to another section of the site... needless to say, bet stealing is a HUGE flaw of a casino and NEEDS to be fixed immediately! (also gambling in dice stops when you leave the dice section as well) The auto feature also no longer multiplies my bet before stoping the auto if both are engaged... example; if I have it set to 10 satoshi and it’s set to stop if bet over 10 when I lose it stops without multiply the bet for me... which isn’t really a bug, but it was a feature the previous version had and this one doesn’t that now leaves me taking a extra step... and I’m so lazy. Hahaha the chat doesn’t scroll by itself and all the tip features are gone... which sucks for multiple reasons... I was also disappointed to see that the email I received saying that DOGE, TRX, and LTC would be added when they have not... thought USDT dividends would be coming along with the update as well, they have not. over all, I respect the site for TRYING to make improvements. And I think in ALOT of regards there are things to be proud of about the update, the things I mentioned above are some of the biggest technical issues/differences I see and the first one I mentioned (the bet stealing bug) NEEDS to be addressed ASAP. -also; I’d still really like the rain bot we started talking about FOREVER AGO in this forum...- that’s my thoughts, love you readers!
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    I am unable to find how to send tips to other players... help center has the old instructions which don't work anymore. And is there a dark mode version? 😎 Lonely Stranger a.k.a. Loner
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    Hello everyone! We have new and super cool Bitcoin Promotion. 🙂 Here is the rules: 1. Write content (text, post, etc) 2. Characters amount: up to 250+ 3. Topic: anything related to Crypto. For example(it's just examples): where to buy TRX, how to sell USDT, what is IOTA, best ethereum game, Doge coin memes, any of your favorite crypto topic is welcome to write, etc. 4. 1 user - 1 post. A copy from other sources is allowed in the post. Only 30-40%, the rest of the post should be original. Where to publish your post: Anywhere in the forum, where it's appropriate. For example, you plan to write topic about bitcoin, then you can do it on Bitcoin discussion section. DON'T WRITE your Content under this post. Reward pool: Minimum prize pool: 0.00025 BTC If over 5 participants - 0.0005 BTC If over 10 participants - 0.001 BTC If over 15 participants - 0.002 BTC ENDS: 22 August 10 PM GMT.
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    It would broaden the potential for site earnings giving users a incentive to hang around on the site in more ways than one. most obvious method of site earns would be in some way to monetize the consistent traffic at the site the second method of site earns is less obvious maybe but I’m sure is the case people will most likely loose what they get rained and deposit more to feel included or to recoup their losses. if you wanted to make the site more profit sustainable then you can have it rain certain coins with a higher frequency than other coins and also make the users it’s distributed to more selective. Basically; do it, it will yield good results. id personally like to know why you WOULDN’T want to add one?
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