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    Hold on, are you a Bitcoin enthusiast? Bitcoin trader? Bitcoin Hodler? Or even just a newcomer who has bought Bitcoin? To expand your knowledge and to meet like-minded people, you must find a Bitcoin community. And one of the best sites to have a chat/communication/engagement with such people is Reddit! Here are the top 13 Bitcoin subreddits: 1) reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/ Members: 1,100 000. The biggest subreddit about Bitcoin. Everything related to Bitcoin: news, memes, opinions, important news, charts, price predictions. 2) reddit.com/r/bitcoin_uncensored/ Members: 22,800. 3) reddit.com/r/BitcoinBeginners/ Members: 71,200. If you are a newcomer who wishes to explore Bitcoin further, feel free to check this subreddit first. This community welcomes people who ask basic questions about Bitcoin. That’s where this subreddit gets its name from. 4) reddit.com/r/Jobs4Bitcoins/ Members: 22,800. If you need work with Bitcoin as a payment, this is the right place to ask for it. 5) reddit.com/r/BitcoinStocks/ Members: 4,200. A place to discuss the wild west that is Bitcoin stocks. 6) reddit.com/r/BitcoinUK/ Members: 9,200. A community dedicated to the discussion of Bitcoin based in the United Kingdom. 7) reddit.com/r/BitcoinCA/ Members: 11,900. Bitcoiners talk about Bitcoin in Canada. 😎reddit.com/r/BitcoinNO/ Members: 1,500. Group for Norwegian Bitcoin hodlers. 9) reddit.com/r/BitcoinDE/ Members: 1,400. A subreddit for German Bitcoin news and information. 10) reddit.com/r/BitcoinDK/ Members: 936. Danish Bitcoin news. 11) reddit.com/r/noncensored_bitcoin/ Members: 2,000. A place for moderate Bitcoin discussion without censorship. 12) reddit.com/r/btc/ Members: 268,000. A subreddit with various information like: Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin news, quotes, articles, etc. 13) reddit.com/r/Bitcoincash/ Members: 44,800. A community for Bitcoin Cash supporters. We hope this list of Bitcoin subreddits will be helpful. So instead of spending time searching for communities, just save or favourite this list and refer back to it!
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    In 2019, many cryptocurrency newcomers will be asking themselves — how do you invest in Ethereum? After all, Ethereum (ETH) is a high-quality project that has been respected since its launch in 2015. We have done all the work for you, and so here is a helpful list of ways to invest/increase your Ethereum holdings. 1) Trade ETH on an exchange. The most well-known way to make profit using your ETH is via trading on an exchange. Pick the exchange you like, the most popular exchanges in the world. Choose the one with high volume, and good reputation like Binance. Always do your own research for safety. If you do not wish to provide verification documents to an exchange, choose one like Yobit or use a decentralised exchange (keep in mind DEXs are harder to use). 2) Free Ethereum faucets. Claiming free ethereum from faucet sites is a different way to increase your Ethereum balance. It’s much easier and completely risk-free! In exchange for viewing adverts for a few seconds, the faucet website will send you a small amount of ETH. Although you won’t get rich using this method, if you want to get your hands on some ETH to utilise some of the other methods here, this is a useful tool to know about. For a list of good faucets, go here. 3) Mining/Staking. Since ETH can be “mined” (earnt) if you have enough computing power, this is another useful process for cryptocurrency profit. You could therefore invest in a specialised mining machine, known as an ASIC, and join a “mining pool” with other people to increase your chances of a good pay-out. A mining pool increases your chances of regular payouts and many websites, such as this one, have outlined the main ones you can participate in. Be aware however that ASICs are expensive, and setting up the process is quite technical, so this is not something beginners should attempt. 4) Buy and sell ETH on Local Ethereum. Some find trading on exchanges rather complicated and very risky. Since Ethereum is a relatively stable coin that still fluctuates a decent amount in price, another good opportunity is to use a site like LocalEthereum.com. Local Ethereum is the most popular peer-to-peer Ethereum marketplace, and you can use it to buy low and sell high, or just as practice before you delve deeper into altcoin trading on exchanges. You can also choose a wide variety of ways to purchase Ethereum on the marketplace: AdvCash, Alipay, Bank transfer, PayPal, Gift cards, MoneyGram and so on. 5) Playing crypto games. The era of innovative pay-to-play games is very much a competitive market, with a large assortment of websites to choose from. One site that stood out particularly was Trustdice. It is unique in its very generous house odds which give you much higher chances to win than many other websites. It provides various ways to invest ETH in order to get more crypto. Not only can you claim free ETH from its faucet to top up your balance every few hours, you can also play games like dice as well as an interesting take on the “Crash” game. Regular players also receive bonuses and can win prizes and jackpots! Remember however that the most important thing is to gamble safely and responsibly. Stay safe, do your own research and follow me to keep increasing the depth of your cryptocurrency knowledge!
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