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    👉AskGamblers 👉 Sitejabber 👉Bitcointalk 👉CasinoFreak 👉 LCB 👉Chipy Dear TrustDice players Our review promotion is underway. We reward players for giving genuine reviews as long as it is constructive and honest. Get your reward step by step: Read the rules above. Write a genuine review. The review contains a minimum of 25 words. Only one prize per player will be awarded. The campaign is only available for players who have never received rewards for reviewing. Comment your TrustDice username + paste your link to your review below. Rewards are sent every Friday. Example of a successful comment: TrustDice Username + link to review. ✅ Have a great day further. TrustDice Team
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    A New Way To Earn Free Crypto? Get Passive Income For As Long As You Are Active On Social Media! Link your social profiles to TrustDice and earn FREE monthly crypto! Step 1: Entry is valid when you meet the “Requirement” of social media. Step 2: Copy one of the links below to your social media account. https://trustdice.win/crash https://trustdice.win/bonus https://trustdice.win/dice P.S: Referral links for affiliate, faucet and refer-a-friend DO NOT count. Step 3: Submit this form to let us know. P.S: Fill out this form only AFTER you add your link to your social media account. Step 4: Comment 'Submitted' below this post when you've submitted the form P.S: This is super important! Step 5: You will receive the Listing Reward in USDT at the end of each week if you are accepted into the program. P.S: We reserve the right to deny entries we deem inappropriate at our discretion. Step 6: Sit and relax while you receive Monthly Rewards passively for as long as you keep your link active (without removing it!) Rules: Availability of different social media platforms might change over time. Rewards might change over time. TrustDice reserves the right to determine the validity of the reward at its own discretion.
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    Bitcoin Dice Master - THE 1st DICE TOURNAMENT! Team is presenting new Dice Tournament. It's unusual and unique competition. Rules: 1. Buy the ticket to join Dice tournament. 2. You will get 10,000 FUN points. 3. Win the most by using these 10,000 FUN points. 4. Top players, who will have more FUN points in the end of tournament, are taking winnings. Time of each Tournament: 5 minutes. Example: 10 players bought the ticket. Each ticket 1 mBTC. Total pool prize is 10 mBTC. After Tournament starts, players will have only 5 minutes to win as much FUN points as they can. Top 3 users, who will have more FUN points after 5 minutes( the end of Tournament), will share the prize pool. Respectively, 1st: 50%. 2st: 30%. 3st: 20%. This Bitcoin Dice Tournament is all about skills of playing Dice game. The registration page will be available on Friday. Share your opinion, questions and ideas under this post! :))
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    Can't accept both your accounts @mtv100 @dsimxy974 we will count only 1 your account 😞 accepting 1 player's multi accounts in a challenge wouldn't be fair.
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    I have a super idea. I'm going to have different tasks. Those people, who will complete such a task, will get BTC rewards from me! Shall we start? TASK 1: Share this article on Twitter or Facebook: First 5 people get 3,000 satoshi each! 🙂 Just show me proves, so I can see you've shared it. Good luck! 🙂
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    Hi dear valued Trustdice members, To promote UUU a bit in Dice and Crash, I will double up all prizes during one week! Rules and Conditions Play with UUU in Dice and/or Crash You may enter the contest on both games, no restrictions Rewards are based on current prizing (max 10 winners, max pot 10000 UUU) You'll have to end up in the top 10 of UUU 24h Wagering Contest (Crash) or 24h ranking (Dice) 😎 For Crash players, I need a way to figure out sending tips to the winners if the player is not in chat or in Dice... If someone could help me with a solution for this issue ☺️ Anyway, I will save the prizes for the ones I couldn't reach. The event ends on Saturday, October 26th (so on Sunday, October 27th last rewards) Rewards I will double the prizes for each winner and send it via tips. For example, if the prize pool is Since there is a minimum limitation for tips (20 UUU), everyone below this value will get 20 UUU (top 10 only) Additional information I will also play with UUU and will not send any tips to myself ☺️ (probably I will increase the prizes for you guys and girls!) I am not 24h/day online, has also to get something to eat, sleep, socialize, work, ... But rewards will be sent!! Have fun and play safe!!! Lonely Stranger (also known als loner 😊)
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    Dear users, hello! Giving away 20,000 TXT! What to do: 1) leave simple self-introduction here. 2) mention your game account. 3) get your reward First 20 people get 1,000 TXT each! 🙂 Goog luck! Congratulations to our winners!🎉🎉https://forum.trustdice.win/topic/22-1000-txt-giveaway/⚠️⚠️The users below please check your name, if the name is not your username in the game, please PM me ASAP. AccountCraigHustler1984wrinkle22Henmar28lucifer TheKellzShowTTV Aztrix tomal1003theayortizio zulfandina khokonCrypTopher cimlo447kajtek666 pratikbaba coinerweber1lasermonzon20cryptow17mississippiaWe are giving 1000TXT💰 to them since they join our challenge in Forum!🙏😆 And the new challenge is coming in the forum! 👇Follow us and get more rewards through joining the challenges. Don’t miss it! 🏃‍♀️
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    PROMO is [CLOSED] temporarily. GUYS! Make a BTC deposit equal to $50, $100, $300 or $500 and claim one of the Gift package. 1 Player - 1 Gift. Just provide transaction id and your account name in the comment. 1) Deposit more than $50 and get Gift Package. 2) Deposit more than $100 and get Trust Gift Package. 3) Deposit more than $300 and get Dice Gift Package. 4) Deposit more than $500 and get King Gift Package. Gift Package: + 3,000 TXT + 100k ether + 5,000 satoshi + 0.25 USDT Trust Gift Package: + 5,000 TXT + 200k ether + 7,000 satoshi + 0.5 eos Dice Gift Package: + 7,000 TXT + 300k ether + 10,000 satoshi + 0.75 eos King Gift Package: + 10,000 TXT + 500k ether + 20,000 satoshi + 1 EOS + 1 USDT
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    The blockchain revolution has seen Bitcoin prices soar from a fraction of a cent to tens of thousands of dollars at all-time highs. While you may have missed the $20,000 Bitcoin moon, there are still plenty of ways you can make money with Bitcoin in 2019. The launch of the Bitcoin network in 2009 has had a profound impact on the international financial ecosystem. Bitcoin is a highly disruptive and unique method of storing and transferring value between individuals — highly fungible, completely decentralized, and immune to inflation, Bitcoin represents a significant leap forward in economic efficiency. The earliest days of the Bitcoin network saw Bitcoin miners rewarded with 50 Bitcoin per block, and faucets in the prehistory of Bitcoin routinely gave away 10 whole Bitcoin at a time. If you’d been present and active within the Bitcoin ecosystem between 2009 and 2011, it’s highly likely that you’d now be a multi-millionaire. The ability to generate hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in Bitcoin overnight may have passed, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for you to start making money with Bitcoin in 2019. The blockchain revolution spearheaded by Bitcoin is still in its infancy, which means there are still plenty of opportunities available to individuals seeking to capitalize on it. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best ways to make money with Bitcoin in 2019 and explain how they work. 1. Generate Profits by Trading Bitcoin Bitcoin trading has remained one of the most efficient methods of generating profits with cryptocurrency throughout the entire history of Bitcoin, but it’s also the riskiest. The basic principles of Bitcoin trading are simple — buy low, and sell high. Putting this theory into practice, however, can be extremely difficult. The Bitcoin market is notoriously volatile, frequently losing more than 10 percent overnight due to large-scale exchange hacks, regulatory changes from major governments, or changes to the underlying technology that drives the Bitcoin network. Getting started with Bitcoin trading is relatively easy. Traders only need to make an account with a platform that allows them to purchase Bitcoin with fiat currency, such as Coinbase, provide their identify details, and they’re free to buy Bitcoin. The Bitcoin they purchase can then be sent to an exchange such as Binance, OKEx, or Binance Pro, and start trading. Bitcoin can be traded for other cryptocurrencies in order to capitalize on anticipated price surges or market swings, or even used to purchase crypto that can be used to invest in initial coin offerings. Bitcoin trading isn’t easy — there are many factors that influence the price of Bitcoin, which can be broadly separated into fundamental factors, and technical factors. Fundamental factors include the underlying real-world market ecosystem, the flow of fiat currency into fiat, technological breakthroughs, major Bitcoin adoption events, and exchange hacks. Technical factors are more complicated — traders that focus on technical analysis, or TA, use a variety of mathematical formulae and charting patterns in an attempt to predict the future price of Bitcoin. If you’re interested in trading Bitcoin in order to make profit, it’s best to develop an extensive understanding of how Bitcoin works, the history of the Bitcoin market, and read up on technical analysis methods before starting. 2. Claim Free BTC from Bitcoin Faucets Cryptocurrency faucets are sites that provide crypto to users for free — often with no strings attached. The first cryptocurrency faucets were created in order to promote the use of Bitcoin, back when Bitcoin was worth less than $0.01, and gave massive amounts of Bitcoin away for free. The very first Bitcoin faucet would give users a massive 5 Bitcoin for free — all users needed to do was provide a wallet address and complete a captcha. At today’s prices, claiming Bitcoin from this faucet would net you over $45,000 USD. There aren’t any more Bitcoin faucets that will give you thousands of dollars in crypto for free, unfortunately. There are, however, still faucets that will give you a few tiny fractions of a Bitcoin, called “satoshi”, or “sats”, for completing small tasks, watching ads, or playing games. BitFun, Moondoge, and Cointiply are all crypto faucets that will provide you with a tiny amount of free cryptocurrency for a few minutes worth of effort. Crypto faucets, however, are no longer an efficient method of generating a large amount of money from Bitcoin. The TrustDice faucet is notable for the gaming features it offers. TrustDice players are able to use the cryptocurrency given to them via TrustDice’s dedicated faucet in provably-fair games, potentially multiplying the free crypto they get to significant amounts. 3. Win BTC With Skill & Luck from Bitcoin Gaming Platforms If you’re an avid gamer, or a relatively lucky person, crypto gaming platforms and Bitcoin gaming platforms can be a profitable option if you play your cards right. The transparent and provably-fair nature of smart contracts driven by blockchain technology has allowed gaming platforms to create online prediction games that are wholly fair. Rather than trust online casinos to make sure their games are fair to users, blockchain-powered crypto gaming platforms allow users to view and audit the smart contract used in their games, proving to users that they’re playing games that aren’t stacked against them. TrustDice, available via Trust Platform, is a highly popular EOS-based game that distils the provably-fair gaming experience. Rather than confuse gamers with complex card games or monotonous slot games, TrustDice is a simple but fun dice game that allows players to bet on the outcome of a dice roll, predicting whether the roll will fall under or over a certain number out of 100. In addition to providing users with a provably-fair crypto dice game, TrustDice also provides benefits like TXT mining, which can be used to multiple bonuses, as well as a free crypto faucet. 4. Exploit Arbitrage Opportunities on Local Bitcoin Sales Platforms There are many different ways to buy Bitcoin. Platforms like LocalBitcoin and Paxful are designed to allow users to buy Bitcoin through a variety of different payment methods that aren’t typically available on cryptocurrency exchange sites. LocalBitcoins, for example, began as a platform designed to allow users to meet in real life and exchange Bitcoin for cash fiat currency, complete with ratings, reputation, and escrow services. While LocalBitcoins no longer facilitates local cash trades, other platforms such as Paxful do. The biggest advantages offered by these platforms is the arbitrage opportunities they present. The exchange rate between cash and Bitcoin, for example, is typically 10 percent higher than the rates offered by centralized exchange platforms, allowing savvy traders to capitalize on a significant arbitrage. The risker the payment method, the higher the arbitrage cost — it’s possible to sell your Bitcoin for PayPal credit, but the high risk associated with PayPal chargebacks means the arbitrage will net you an additional 20% on the Bitcoin price. Local Bitcoin sales platforms can be a lucrative opportunity — but there’s no reward without risk. 5. HOLD Bitcoin for Massive Long-Term Gains The simplest and easiest way to generate profit from Bitcoin is by purchasing it, storing it, and waiting. If you’d bought $1,000 worth of Bitcoin at the earliest exchange rates and held it until now, you’d be a multi-millionaire. Holding could potentially see your investment increase dramatically on the proviso that Bitcoin remains the king of crypto. If you’re looking for a safe long-term profit generating option for crypto, HODLing — a crypto community inside joke based on a type of “hold” — is your best bet. Just be sure to keep accurate records for your Bitcoin capital gains tax calculations. Bitcoin trading can be complicated. Faucets don’t offer significant amounts of crypto. Arbitrate is risky, and HODLing takes a long time. All of these options can generate profit, but can be boring — if you’re interested in a fun method of increasing your BTC profits, try out TrustDice on Trust Platform today.
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    The Awards System Launched❗ Players can get some special awards through playing games. Check it by clicking your account name. You can check other users' Awards too. Have fun and catch your Awards right now!
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    ETH payout will start soon, with lots of promotions on the way 🥳🥳🚀🚀 Checkout the article to know more, https://medium.com/@trustdice/trustdice-1st-anniversary-96e43f9cef37
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    [CLOSED] Hello, everyone! It's a Legend 🤘Time to have some challenges! Rules are pretty simple: Choose any game you like from Casino games. Make a bet. Take a screenshot of your bet result. Send it under this post and get Reward. Prize Pool (based on the number of unique players): Minimum prize pool: 3 USDT If over 12 players: 6 USDT If over 20 players: 12 USDT If over 30 players: 20 USDT Special bonus: 11 players - rewards pool 5 USDT! 😎 1 player - 1 reward. The end of Challenge: October 1st, 5 AM UTC time. Very easy to get this reward. Good luck everyone and let’s pump Casino games! 😈 EXAMPLE: Account Legend. Game: Casino Hold'em.
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    We are new here, and hope to find same amazing friends as everywhere :) Let's meet! @pubstream (or Peckatop) - nice guy! Always funny, always kind, and always ... unlucky O.o (or, maybe, too greedy? ^^) And me, Dina - crazy girl, addicted to coffee and ... trolling poor Pecka 😄 We like to stream time to time, this time - here! Prize pool of 0.004 btc is prepaired for this stream, don't miss your chance to win! All giveaways prizes will be given as tips, so make sure, you have an account :) TrustDice forum giveaway: 1 winner, 0.0003 btc***. Simply reply to this topic, and be in stream chat :) Twitter giveaway: 1 winner, 0.0003 btc***. Enter here Facebook giveaway: 1 winner, 0.0003 btc***. Enter here *** Sub-rule applied (if winner of giveaway is our subscriber in Twitch, he will get 1.5x/2x/2.5x of prize, if he's subscriber of tier1/tier2/tier3 accordingly) On top of it: * your beloved quiz with 0.001 btc prize pool * chat games during stream! See you on 11th October! 19:00 GMT+0, in Twitch With love - Peckatop and Dina from CryptoGamblersPub
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    Thanks for considering USDT bets. 😍 I joined and won! 😉
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    Trust Dicers 🙂 Congratulations! 11 participants passed this Challenge @cheesecake @txtpocar @pratikbaba @ah795 @Lnfvil231 @fuziondev @Zvds458 @1vgvgvgvgvg @Dolor4me @febhy @teniee083 Since, there is only 11 players, instead of 12 according to promo. We are giving special bonus for 11 players - prize pool: 0.025 ETH It was awesome! :))) Thank you all for joining Promo. Please, check your account, rewards should be on it.
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    Hey All, Sorry about the trouble we made this challenge. In order to make the giveaway only benefit real users. Please contact Daniel via Telegram, we'll only send giveaway to real users contacting us through Telegram. So, 0.008BTC among real users. Daniel's Telegram: @Danieluckyer We'll try to make the challenges better in the future. Thanks for your support : )
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    Heavy Rolling Challenge! 🤘 It's time to show your muscle playing DICE game. RULES: Roll Over 93 (with payout x14) and WIN. Minimum Bet: Bitcoin:0.000001 (100 satoshi) Ethereum:0.0001 (10,000 ether) USDT:0.01 TXT:200 EOS:0.1 Prize Pool (based on the number of unique players): Minimum prize pool: 0.001 BTC If over 15 participants: 0.002 BTC If over 25 participants: 0.003 BTC If over 35 participants: 0.004 BTC How to join: Send screenshot of your BET Info. 1 player - 1 comment. Ends: 19/08/19 (9am) GMT EXAMPLE:
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    Many people struggle when it comes to choosing how to best earn Bitcoin and generate a return on their investment. There are a huge number of opportunities available to capitalize on in today’s market, many of which require little to no experience with cryptocurrencies to benefit from. To help you make your first steps with Bitcoin investments, we’ve covered the four major ways to easily earn and multiply Bitcoin in 2019. Claim from Bitcoin Faucets Bitcoin faucets are commonly people’s first step into the world of cryptocurrencies, since they provide an easy way to first acquire Bitcoin for the first time and don’t require any personal information. Cryptocurrency faucets work by showing you a variety of adverts in return for a small amount of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency faucets don’t provide huge sums, but claiming from them is usually a simple process that requires users to enter your Bitcoin address and click one or two buttons. Sometimes faucets are slightly more involved, requiring users to answer a question or complete a captcha. These faucets compensate for this by providing higher rewards. Although it’s unlikely you will get rich from claiming faucets, it is possible to claim a sizeable sum if you claim regularly and take advantage of any available bonuses and multipliers available. The wide variety of faucets available creates significant potential to obtain a fair amount of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Claimed Bitcoin can be further invested or multiplied using the other opportunities discussed below to increase profits faster. Profitability: low profits with no risk involved. List of TOP Bitcoin Faucets: LINK. Cryptocurrency Trading Cryptocurrencies already have an extremely well-developed trading infrastructure, with a wide variety of trading options now available for both beginner and experienced traders. With a huge variety of spot trading, derivatives and margin trading platforms available to choose from, getting started with cryptocurrency trading has never been easier. Margin trading is easily the most profitable type of trading available, since it allows you to multiply your exposure to the market by using leverage. Opening a 0.1 BTC long position with 100x leverage, is equivalent to a 10 BTC position in the market. If Bitcoin gains in value by 10%, you will have earned 1 BTC, despite only risking 0.1 BTC in the process. Even without margin, trading can be extremely profitable since Bitcoin is known to be particularly volatile and regularly experiences significant price swings that can be capitalized on. With several derivatives like Bitcoin options, futures and swaps available, there are endless opportunities available. It is widely expected that the first cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are due to be approved this year (2019), which will make profiting on Bitcoin easier than ever before. Profitability: medium to high profit, with some risk involved. List of Top Bitcoin exchanges: LINK. Playing at Crypto Casinos Cryptocurrency casinos offer a dual benefit. Not only do they offer a variety of cleverly designed and interesting games to choose from, but they also provide you the opportunity to multiply your money. These platforms can be divided into a few main categories, including sportsbooks, poker rooms, lotteries and arguably the most popular — mixed game platforms. With skill and luck, Bitcoin casinos can be a solid option to multiply your investment. Many cryptocurrency casinos also include a complimentary faucet, allowing users to quickly grab some free balance to supplement their winnings. One of the best ways to maximize profitability as cryptocurrency casinos is by taking advantage of any and all bonus offers available on your platform of choice. These include welcome offers, deposit bonuses and various contests and bonus games. Of these platforms, there are a rare few that offer a great combination of features that make playing much more profitable. Trustdice, for example, offers a variety of games to choose from, some lucrative bonus offers, a free faucet and an up to a 200x win multiplier, making it a great choice for those new to Bitcoin. Profitability: Maximum profits with some risk involved. To test Bitcoin game: LINK. Lending Bitcoin After purchasing a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin for the first time, many Bitcoin holders are tempted to simply continue holding Bitcoin with the hope that it will increase in value over time. Bitcoin alone has increased in value by almost 20x in the last three years, while many other cryptocurrencies have experienced similar growth. Rather than simply holding and waiting for price growth, there are several ways to invest your Bitcoin and grow your investment while still benefiting from appreciation in the underlying value. The easiest way to begin making a profit on your Bitcoin is by participating in Bitcoin lending, providing Bitcoin loans in return for a pre-defined interest rate. Crypto lending comes in two main forms: collateralized loans and margin lending. With collateralized loans, borrowers are required to put up equity to ensure the loan is covered even if they default, whereas margin lending provides the equity used for leveraged trading, using the initial margin as collateral. By participating in Bitcoin lending, it is possible to earn 10-20% interest per year with very little risk when using trusted lending platforms. Profitability: Small to medium profits with little risk involved. SITES to Lend Bitcoin: LINK. Which Option is Best For You? As with any investment, putting all your eggs into one basket is rarely a good idea. As such, it’s best to diversify your portfolio while placing a major focus on what works best for you. If you’re an expert at gaming, then it’s possible to focus on crypto casinos while separating a fraction of your investment balance for other avenues, such as lending and trading. By taking advantage of the variety of earning opportunities, it’s possible to generate an impressive return on your investment and unlock more secure opportunities, such as investment funds.
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    If you’re reading this, you probably know what EOS is and now you want an answer for the following question: “How to mine EOS?” First of all, as you know, EOS is a blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is ranked eighth on Coinmarketcap and in its ICO in 2018 it raised $4 billion from investors. EOS is a form of blockchain architecture that allows for horizontal and vertical scaling of decentralised applications, making it incredibly useful in the modern cryptocurrency scene. How to mine EOS? A common misconception about EOS is that it can be “mined”. While a fixed amount of EOS coins (1 billion) have been released, you can still “earn” EOS through a process known as “staking.” In the staking process, an EOS user “locks” up a certain amount of coins (the more coins locked, the bigger your reward for a chosen time period. If your coins are “locked,” they cannot be used or withdrawn for the time period. Once the time period passes, you will regain access to your EOS coins and get an EOS reward on top of that, meaning this is a risk-free way to gain more EOS. If you want to calculate whether EOS “staking” will be worth it for you, a good resource is found here; it provides you with approximate percentage returns you can expect to get. Remember however that if the EOS price decreases, even if you have more EOS your tokens may be worth less in dollars than they were before. This is why we encourage you to do your own research on EOS and only “stake” if you have confidence in the project in the long-term. Staking EOS also has additional benefits that aren’t appreciated enough. Stakers get some resources and bandwidth. Explained in simple terms, this means that you can make some transactions completely free – without needing to pay any transaction fees! Staking also gives you voting power in the EOS community, since you can vote for “Block Producers,” who are trusted accounts that make EOS blocks and decisions on behalf of the community. There are also other, less technical ways to earn EOS, as shown below. Trading EOS on Newdex Due to EOS’ popularity, it is available to trade on a vast number of exchanges. We would recommend trading it on a decentralised exchange (DEX) such as Newdex. Decentralised exchanges have the advantage of not requiring any verification/restrictions on trading since there is no central group involved. You can make a profit by trading EOS token on Newdex. EOS tokens are tokens belong to project on EOS blockchain. You should be aware of the latest EOS projects news to know when to buy and sell EOS tokens to EOS. EOS Airdrops EOS technology allows projects to build their new application on top of the EOS platform and produce their very own token. Considerable numbers of projects therefore conduct an “airdrop,” where these tokens are given away for free to encourage project participation, with the market deciding if the tokens have value or not. A good list of upcoming EOS airdrops, whose tokens can be sold back for EOS, can be found here. Token Leasing Token leasing is another passive income method with pretty high returns (as much as 5% in 3 months). While it is a new idea, the exchange Chintai is reliable and has implemented this idea well. The platform allows you to either borrow or lend, with technical details like the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) available before you make/agree to any deal with another user. And as the interest in such projects increases, the returns will surely increase too. EOS betting Our final method is the most interesting since it is slightly more risky than the others, but also can give you extremely large profits. You can login with your EOS account in those betting sites. For example, in Trust Dice. The use of EOS blockchain technology means that every bet is provably fair (this can be easily verified). You can enjoy this privilege by betting your EOS in Trustdice’s selection of games. And as you bet and increase your EOS amount, thanks to our dice and crash games, you will also get privileges and various bonuses. EOS is an exciting cryptocurrency project, and we hope you have learnt more about it as well as the ways in which you can increase your own balance. Other articles you might like: Crash Gambling EOS mining EOS Dividends Top Bitcoin forums
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    Hello everyone! We have new and super cool Bitcoin Promotion. 🙂 Here is the rules: 1. Write content (text, post, etc) 2. Characters amount: up to 250+ 3. Topic: anything related to Crypto. For example(it's just examples): where to buy TRX, how to sell USDT, what is IOTA, best ethereum game, Doge coin memes, any of your favorite crypto topic is welcome to write, etc. 4. 1 user - 1 post. A copy from other sources is allowed in the post. Only 30-40%, the rest of the post should be original. Where to publish your post: Anywhere in the forum, where it's appropriate. For example, you plan to write topic about bitcoin, then you can do it on Bitcoin discussion section. DON'T WRITE your Content under this post. Reward pool: Minimum prize pool: 0.00025 BTC If over 5 participants - 0.0005 BTC If over 10 participants - 0.001 BTC If over 15 participants - 0.002 BTC ENDS: 22 August 10 PM GMT.
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    hola chicos, hoy me registre en este sitio y me gustaria saber cuantas personas que hablan español hay aqui. espero que hayan 😄
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    [Closed] Hello, guys. Let’s guess it and tell me your answers that you can say no or yes, but you must show the reasons why this is how it happened. If you hit the right prediction, each people will get 1000 satoshi. Requirements: 1 player - 1 account - 1 post Describe your answer (at least 15 words). The event is limited to the first 30 participants. Ends:31/10/2019(9 am) UTC
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    @cheesecake @Dolor4me @Lnfvil231 @febhy@BubbaFrog @ fuziondev @ bluecheese Guys! Congratulations! :)) 0.0006 BTC will be shared among you 7 users. Good luck to all next time.
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    There is no minimum bet nor imposed crypto in the requirement bro 😉 We can just play with fun then 😛 Hello, didn't lost that much, great ! Account : Lnfvil231
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    @pratikbaba @BubbaFrog@Dolor4me@cheesecake@teniee083 @febhy@1vgvgvgvgvg@Btc9x @txtpocar@Mrzoom@Lnfvil231@BethovenGuys! Congratulations! :)) 0.001 BTC will be shared with you 12 users. Good luck to all next time.
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    [Closed] Requirements: 1 real player - 1 account - 1 post Just post your winning page under this topic. If participants are less than 5, the rewards will be sent to each people 0.00004BTC (0.0004/10). Prize Pool(s) (based on the number of unique players): Minimum prize pool: 0.0004 BTC If over 10 participants: 0.001BTC If over 20 participants: 0.002 BTC If over 30 participants: 0.003 BTC If over 200 participants: 0.08 BTC Ends: 15/10/2019 (9am) UTC
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    @pratikbaba @txtpocar @cheesecake @Dolor4me @BubbaFrog Guys! Congratulations! :)) 0.0004 BTC will be shared between you 5 users. Good luck to all next time.
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    http://prntscr.com/pj04nu account name: teniee083
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    Congratulations to @pratikbaba @Dolor4me @febhy @teniee083 @txtpocar @cheesecake @Zvds458 @Lnfvil231 @1vgvgvgvgvg @Nmzuvw986 ! 10 users who did this awesome challenge :)) It lacks 2 users to share 7 USDT prize pool, however, you're guys are cool and deserve some special bonus: 10 users - will share prize pool of 5 USDT. Please, check your account, reward should be there 😎🤘
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    [CLOSED] Requirements: All the games from the Blackjack section for you can play. Win a bet and show the screenshot. People can place a bet with only BTC 、ETH、or USDT. Prize Pool(s) (based on the number of unique players): Minimum prize pool: 0.00036 BTC If over 10 participants: 0.001BTC If over 20 participants: 0.002BTC If over 30 participants: 0.003 BTC If over 200 participants: 0.1BTC How to Enter: Just show a screenshot of your winning page. Ends: 10/10/2019 (9am) UTC
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    @mtv100 @teniee083 @Dolor4me @febhy @Lectamenop @kajtek666 @pratikbaba @Zvds458 @Uncly320 @fuziondev @Lnfvil231 @1vgvgvgvgvg Congratulations! 🙂 12 confirmed participants are going to share Prize pool of 0.03 ETH. 0.0025 ETH to each user. You're guys super cool! 😎
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    Account Name: Dolor4me Game: Casino Hold'em Poker I had to drag my sister who knows how to play card games. ^_^ 😆 I lose 0.001 ETH 😭
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    This was a lot of fun, I have never done this before. Account Name: teniee083
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    @Daniel you should let him to Manage challenge every week. He is so fast
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    1) one button to disabled the animation in crash 2) add spanish chat and maybe more lenguages 3) add rainbot in chat 4) a link to get back index in coinbox faucet 5) fix the input of "bet amount", when you open the game in the input of bet is too big (sometimes is all your balance) if you dont be careful you can go all in by mistake 😕 I think if that input show by default the min bet would be great 6) an exchange would be great too 7) I like forum challenge, pls keep doing it 7) and my last suggestion is add dogecoin 🙂
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    hola amigo buen contenido
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    hola como están gracias
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    aqui reportando colegas
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    hi, Geytc151 friend. This promotiom time Ends: 26/08/19 (9am) GMT. so all the rewards for this promotion have not been sent to all your guys . Nice to hear your reply about our activity. If you have any questions, you feel free to ask me
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    Ends: 12/08/19 (10am) GMT Requirement: Win a game of Crash with the highest possible multiplier you could reach by the end of the challenge week.Post and link the bet the same day you hit it, and feel free to edit post with the new entry if you hit a higher multiplier later on during the week, also on the same day as you hit it. Minimum bet: Bitcoin: 0.0000001 Ethereum: 0.00001 EOS:0.1 TXT:100 UUU:1 Bet must have been made after the commencement of this promotion. 1 valid entry per household. Prizes (for the top 10) 1st place: 0.001BTC 2nd place: 0.0005BTC 3rd place: 0.0003BTC 4th place: 0.0002BTC 5th place: 0.0001BTC 6-10th place: 0.00005BTC How to Enter: Just Post a screenshot of your bet! So Easy !!! **Note: In case of a tie, players will be ranked: a) based on the sum of their bet amounts converted to BTC on the day of crediting; b) if further tie occurs, players will be ranked based on the time of posting, that is, the last edit of their entry post on this thread.
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