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    Top 5 Bitcoin Dice Strategy Guide: How to Win at Crypto Dice

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    There are many different Bitcoin casino games available online. Bitcoin dice is widely regarded as the most “pure” form of crypto casino game available, offering players straightforward rules that are easy to learn, but difficult to master. If you’re interested in playing Bitcoin dice, it’s best to develop a winning Bitcoin dice strategy. 

    Bitcoin Dice strategies are similar to traditional dice game strategies, and focus primarily on the selections a player bets on and how much a player stakes per bet. In this guide, we’ll break down the most five most effective Bitcoin dice strategies

    What is Bitcoin Dice & How Does it Work?

    Bitcoin dice games work in a similar fashion across most Bitcoin casino platforms — the rules of Bitcoin dice follow a simple model. Bitcoin dice is extremely popular due to the provably fair nature of Bitcoin casino games and the straightforward nature of dice games.

    Understanding how to play Bitcoin dice is simple: in a game of Bitcoin dice, a player chooses a number between 1 and 100 and bets on whether a dice roll will roll over or under that number. Bitcoin dice isn’t complicated — betting on a roll under 75, for example, delivers the same odds as betting on a roll over 25, and delivers identical odds. Most platforms offer Bitcoin dice games with a 1% house edge.

    How to play Bitcoin dice:

    1. Select the number you predict the roll will land above or below. The higher the potential payout, the lower the chance of correctly predicting the roll

    2. Place your bet amount 

    3. Press the roll button!

    The 5 Best Bitcoin Dice Strategies

    The most common strategies for Bitcoin dice focus on watching previous rolls and identifying patterns. This leverages probability prediction — if the last 10 rolls you made landed under 50, it’s likely that you’ll see a roll over 50 very soon.

    Other strategies involve identifying alternating patterns — if you notice that your rolls are landing under 50, then over 50, then under again, it’s likely that this alternating pattern will end soon. Players using this strategy typically bet on the opposite of the last roll when they predict an alternating pattern will end.

    It’s important to note that the future of random games such as Bitcoin dice aren’t influenced by random past events — but patterns don’t continue indefinitely, which is what makes Bitcoin dice so much fun.

    Bitcoin dice strategies are primarily concerned with staking plans. 

    1. The Martingale Strategy

    The most popular staking plan is the Martingale Strategy, which originated in 18th century France. Using the Martingale dice strategy, Bitcoin dice players progressively increase the amount they bet when they experience a losing streak. When a player wins a bet, the win from the bet covers the losses incurred from previous losing bets.

    A Bitcoin dice Martingale strategy looks like this:

    1. A player loses a 10m฿ bet to roll under 50

    2. The player places a 20m฿ bet to roll under 50

    3. If that bet loses, the player places a 40m฿ bet to roll under 50

    This pattern is repeated until the player correctly predicts a roll.

    2. The Break-Even Martingale Strategy

    The break-even Martingale Bitcoin dice strategy is similar to the standard Martingale, but staggers the staking process, slowing the rate at which stakes are increased. 

    A break-even martingale dice strategy looks like this:

    1. A player loses a 10m฿ bet to roll under 50

    2. The player places a 10m฿ bet to roll under 50

    3. If that bet loses, the player places a 10m฿ bet to roll under 50 again

    4. If the second 10m฿ bet loses, the player then increases the bet to 20m฿, and continues the Martingale strategy

    This process helps players hold out against a losing streak for longer.

    3. The Inverse Martingale Strategy

    The inverse Martingale Bitcoin dice strategy is the exact opposite of the standard Martingale. Using the inverse Martingale, players increase their stake size when they’re on a winning streak — not during a losing streak.

    In the inverse Martingale strategy, players stake a 50% stake of the wins from successful rolls. This strategy allows players to keep half of the winnings from previous rolls even if they lose the staked 50%.

    4. The D’Alembert Strategy

    The D’Alembert dice strategy is extremely straightforward. Instead of doubling the bet amount after each role, as in the standard Martingale strategy, players increase their bet amount by 1x only after each consecutive roll. 

    5. The Paroli Strategy 

    The Paroli strategy is a progressive Bitcoin dice strategy designed to take advantage of winning streaks. The Paroli strategy looks like this:

    1. A player will determine a base stake

    2. The player will double their bet after each win

    3. The player will stop raising their stake after three consecutive wins

    4. After a loss, the player bets only their base stake

    The Paroli strategy helps players to minimize losses and capitalize on winning streaks.

    Where to Play Bitcoin Dice 

    If you’re not sure where to play Bitcoin dice, it’s best to do a little bit of research first.

    There are many different Bitcoin dice sites online. Players often select a Bitcoin dice site or crypto casino that provides players with benefits, but the most important to play on a Bitcoin dice site that is provably fair — this means that the site can prove, independently, that their dice game is fair to all players. The best Bitcoin dice sites are provably fair.

    TrustDice is one of the most popular provably fair Bitcoin dice sites online, and is built on the EOS blockchain. TrustDice generates random numbers using a two-seed process that allows users to choose their own client seed, making it impossible for the roll outcome to be manipulated. This makes TrustDice arguably one of the most reputable Bitcoin dice sites online.

    In addition to providing provably fair Bitcoin dice games, players earn TXT tokens while playing games. TrustDice shares the profits of the platform with players holding TXT. In this way, TXT holders can earn BTC and ETH passive income everyday.

    If you’re looking for a provably fair Bitcoin dice game, try TrustDice’s decentralized EOS-based Bitcoin dice game today.

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