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Top 13 Bitcoin Reddit Communities

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Hold on, are you a Bitcoin enthusiast? Bitcoin trader? Bitcoin Hodler? Or even just a newcomer who has bought Bitcoin? To expand your knowledge and to meet like-minded people, you must find a Bitcoin community.

And one of the best sites to have a chat/communication/engagement with such people is Reddit!

Here are the top 13 Bitcoin subreddits: 

1) reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/
Members: 1,100 000.
The biggest subreddit about Bitcoin. Everything related to Bitcoin: news, memes, opinions, important news, charts, price predictions. 

2) reddit.com/r/bitcoin_uncensored/ 
Members: 22,800. 

3) reddit.com/r/BitcoinBeginners/
Members: 71,200. 
If you are a newcomer who wishes to explore Bitcoin further, feel free to check this subreddit first. This community welcomes people who ask basic questions about Bitcoin. That’s where this subreddit gets its name from.

4) reddit.com/r/Jobs4Bitcoins/
Members: 22,800.
If you need work with Bitcoin as a payment, this is the right place to ask for it. 

5) reddit.com/r/BitcoinStocks/
Members: 4,200.
A place to discuss the wild west that is Bitcoin stocks.

6) reddit.com/r/BitcoinUK/
Members: 9,200.
A community dedicated to the discussion of Bitcoin based in the United Kingdom. 

7) reddit.com/r/BitcoinCA/
Members: 11,900. 
Bitcoiners talk about Bitcoin in Canada.

Members: 1,500.
Group for Norwegian Bitcoin hodlers. 

9) reddit.com/r/BitcoinDE/
Members: 1,400.
A subreddit for German Bitcoin news and information.

10) reddit.com/r/BitcoinDK/
Members: 936.
Danish Bitcoin news. 

11) reddit.com/r/noncensored_bitcoin/
Members: 2,000.
A place for moderate Bitcoin discussion without censorship.

12) reddit.com/r/btc/
Members: 268,000.
A subreddit with various information like: Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin news, quotes, articles, etc.

13) reddit.com/r/Bitcoincash/
Members: 44,800.
A community for Bitcoin Cash supporters. 

We hope this list of Bitcoin subreddits will be helpful. So instead of spending time searching for communities, just save or favourite this list and refer back to it!

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