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How to Earn Bitcoin in 2019

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Many people struggle when it comes to choosing how to best earn Bitcoin and generate a return on their investment. 

There are a huge number of opportunities available to capitalize on in today’s market, many of which require little to no experience with cryptocurrencies to benefit from. 

To help you make your first steps with Bitcoin investments, we’ve covered the four major ways to easily earn and multiply Bitcoin in 2019. 

Claim from Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are commonly people’s first step into the world of cryptocurrencies, since they provide an easy way to first acquire Bitcoin for the first time and don’t require any personal information. 

Cryptocurrency faucets work by showing you a variety of adverts in return for a small amount of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency faucets don’t provide huge sums, but claiming from them is usually a simple process that requires users to enter your Bitcoin address and click one or two buttons.

Sometimes faucets are slightly more involved, requiring users to answer a question or complete a captcha. These faucets compensate for this by providing higher rewards. 

Although it’s unlikely you will get rich from claiming faucets, it is possible to claim a sizeable sum if you claim regularly and take advantage of any available bonuses and multipliers available. The wide variety of faucets available creates significant potential to obtain a fair amount of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Claimed Bitcoin can be further invested or multiplied using the other opportunities discussed below to increase profits faster. 

Profitability: low profits with no risk involved. 
List of TOP Bitcoin Faucets: LINK.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrencies already have an extremely well-developed trading infrastructure, with a wide variety of trading options now available for both beginner and experienced traders.

With a huge variety of spot trading, derivatives and margin trading platforms available to choose from, getting started with cryptocurrency trading has never been easier.

Margin trading is easily the most profitable type of trading available, since it allows you to multiply your exposure to the market by using leverage. 

Opening a 0.1 BTC long position with 100x leverage, is equivalent to a 10 BTC position in the market. If Bitcoin gains in value by 10%, you will have earned 1 BTC, despite only risking 0.1 BTC in the process. 

Even without margin, trading can be extremely profitable since Bitcoin is known to be particularly volatile and regularly experiences significant price swings that can be capitalized on. With several derivatives like Bitcoin options, futures and swaps available, there are endless opportunities available. 

It is widely expected that the first cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are due to be approved this year (2019), which will make profiting on Bitcoin easier than ever before.

Profitability: medium to high profit, with some risk involved.
List of Top Bitcoin exchanges: LINK

                                                            Playing at Crypto Casinos

Cryptocurrency casinos offer a dual benefit. Not only do they offer a variety of cleverly designed and interesting games to choose from, but they also provide you the opportunity to multiply your money. 

These platforms can be divided into a few main categories, including sportsbooks, poker rooms, lotteries and arguably the most popular — mixed game platforms. With skill and luck, Bitcoin casinos can be a solid option to multiply your investment. 

Many cryptocurrency casinos also include a complimentary faucet, allowing users to quickly grab some free balance to supplement their winnings. 

One of the best ways to maximize profitability as cryptocurrency casinos is by taking advantage of any and all bonus offers available on your platform of choice. These include welcome offers, deposit bonuses and various contests and bonus games.

Of these platforms, there are a rare few that offer a great combination of features that make playing much more profitable. Trustdice, for example, offers a variety of games to choose from, some lucrative bonus offers, a free faucet and an up to a 200x win multiplier, making it a great choice for those new to Bitcoin. 

Profitability: Maximum profits with some risk involved.
To test Bitcoin game: LINK.

                                                                   Lending Bitcoin

After purchasing a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin for the first time, many Bitcoin holders are tempted to simply continue holding Bitcoin with the hope that it will increase in value over time. 

Bitcoin alone has increased in value by almost 20x in the last three years, while many other cryptocurrencies have experienced similar growth. 

Rather than simply holding and waiting for price growth, there are several ways to invest your Bitcoin and grow your investment while still benefiting from appreciation in the underlying value.

The easiest way to begin making a profit on your Bitcoin is by participating in Bitcoin lending, providing Bitcoin loans in return for a pre-defined interest rate. 

Crypto lending comes in two main forms: collateralized loans and margin lending. With collateralized loans, borrowers are required to put up equity to ensure the loan is covered even if they default, whereas margin lending provides the equity used for leveraged trading, using the initial margin as collateral.

By participating in Bitcoin lending, it is possible to earn 10-20% interest per year with very little risk when using trusted lending platforms.  

Profitability: Small to medium profits with little risk involved.
SITES to Lend Bitcoin: LINK.

Which Option is Best For You?

As with any investment, putting all your eggs into one basket is rarely a good idea. As such, it’s best to diversify your portfolio while placing a major focus on what works best for you.

If you’re an expert at gaming, then it’s possible to focus on crypto casinos while separating a fraction of your investment balance for other avenues, such as lending and trading. 

By taking advantage of the variety of earning opportunities, it’s possible to generate an impressive return on your investment and unlock more secure opportunities, such as investment funds.

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Guest Gustavo Woltmann

Hello, You are discussing very good topic and Its very amazing. With the hel of this, I can earn easily. Gustavo Woltmann

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