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How to develop a BEP20 token in a effective method??

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The crypto ecosystem paves the way for many startups to kickstart the crypto business to generate passive income. The crypto business remains stable due to the prominent usage of crypto tokens - a subset of cryptocurrency. To get started with any kind of crypto business, tokens are required at a huge scale.

While speaking of crypto token creation, it is important to focus on the blockchain and token standard. The Crypto ecosystem supports various blockchains to augment the token creation process. Whereas, the Binance smart chain has good technical specifications for the enhancement of crypto business.

In recent times, Binance smart chain is the trending blockchain in the crypto space. The Binance smart chain facilitates the functionalities of token creation which is similar to other blockchains. It supports a BEP20 Token standard comprising high technical specifications which is essential to handle the crypto business.

Benefits of BEP20 token

  1. Compatible with BEP2 and ERC20 platform

  2. Supports token swap with BEP2

  3. Includes Minting and Burnable feature

  4. Low transaction cost and more.


The Binance smart chain has similar functionalities when compared with other blockchains to accelerate crypto business activities. If you are good at coding and well knowledgeable about blockchain technology, you can create your own BEP20 token by integrating a wallet to progress your business activities. Else, you can choose the best service provider for BEP20 token Development. I would like to suggest Icoclone - the finest service provider who offers the best BEP20 token development services.

You can Contact their team experts via:


Whatsapp: +91 95005 75285

Email id: [email protected]

Skype: live: hello_20214

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How to Create a BEP20 Token
Adding BSC Testnet to your MetaMask Wallet. The first thing you will want to do for this new project is set up the BSC Testnet with your MetaMask wallet. ...
Adding Test BNB to Your Wallet. The Next thing we will need to do is get some BNB to play around with. ...
Adding the Token to your Wallet.

Greencrypto (like stellar) that does not use mining and so is 99.995% more energy efficient than Bitcoin and Ethereum and those older crypto technologies every token plants a tree, it’s a way to create social awareness,  it’s a way to participate in the metaverse and decentralized technology - the finance of the future. 

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