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EOS Mining

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If you’re reading this, you probably know what EOS is and now you want an answer for the following question: “How to mine EOS?” 

First of all, as you know, EOS is a blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is ranked eighth on Coinmarketcap and in its ICO in 2018 it raised $4 billion from investors. 

EOS is a form of blockchain architecture that allows for horizontal and vertical scaling of decentralised applications, making it incredibly useful in the modern cryptocurrency scene. 

How to mine EOS?

A common misconception about EOS is that it can be “mined”. While a fixed amount of EOS coins (1 billion) have been released, you can still “earn” EOS through a process known as “staking.” In the staking process, an EOS user “locks” up a certain amount of coins (the more coins locked, the bigger your reward for a chosen time period. If your coins are “locked,” they cannot be used or withdrawn for the time period. Once the time period passes, you will regain access to your EOS coins and get an EOS reward on top of that, meaning this is a risk-free way to gain more EOS.

If you want to calculate whether EOS “staking” will be worth it for you, a good resource is found here; it provides you with approximate percentage returns you can expect to get. Remember however that if the EOS price decreases, even if you have more EOS your tokens may be worth less in dollars than they were before. This is why we encourage you to do your own research on EOS and only “stake” if you have confidence in the project in the long-term.

Staking EOS also has additional benefits that aren’t appreciated enough. Stakers get some resources and bandwidth. Explained in simple terms, this means that you can make some transactions completely free – without needing to pay any transaction fees! Staking also gives you voting power in the EOS community, since you can vote for “Block Producers,” who are trusted accounts that make EOS blocks and decisions on behalf of the community.

There are also other, less technical ways to earn EOS, as shown below.

Trading EOS on Newdex

Due to EOS’ popularity, it is available to trade on a vast number of exchanges. We would recommend trading it on a decentralised exchange (DEX) such as Newdex. Decentralised exchanges have the advantage of not requiring any verification/restrictions on trading since there is no central group involved. You can make a profit by trading EOS token on Newdex. EOS tokens are tokens belong to project on EOS blockchain. You should be aware of the latest EOS projects news to know when to buy and sell EOS tokens to EOS.  

EOS Airdrops

EOS technology allows projects to build their new application on top of the EOS platform and produce their very own token. Considerable numbers of projects therefore conduct an “airdrop,” where these tokens are given away for free to encourage project participation, with the market deciding if the tokens have value or not. A good list of upcoming EOS airdrops, whose tokens can be sold back for EOS, can be found here.

Token Leasing

Token leasing is another passive income method with pretty high returns (as much as 5% in 3 months). While it is a new idea, the exchange Chintai is reliable and has implemented this idea well. The platform allows you to either borrow or lend, with technical details like the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) available before you make/agree to any deal with another user. And as the interest in such projects increases, the returns will surely increase too.

EOS betting

Our final method is the most interesting since it is slightly more risky than the others, but also can give you extremely large profits. You can login with your EOS account in those betting sites. For example, in Trust Dice. The use of EOS blockchain technology means that every bet is provably fair (this can be easily verified). You can enjoy this privilege by betting your EOS in Trustdice’s selection of games. And as you bet and increase your EOS amount, thanks to our dice and crash games, you will also get privileges and various bonuses.

EOS is an exciting cryptocurrency project, and we hope you have learnt more about it as well as the ways in which you can increase your own balance.

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