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Top Security aspects of the white-label Wazirx clone software

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The India-based WazirX crypto exchange is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform. The Wazirx clone software is a carbon copy of the popular cryptocurrency exchange platform WazirX. To protect user funds and sensitive data, a cryptocurrency exchange platform such as WazirX must be developed with robust safety features. The following are some robust security aspects of the Wazirx clone script,


  • Two-factor authentication

  • KYC/AML verification

  • Cold storage wallet 

  • HTTP authentication

  • Escrow wallet


Two-factor authentication:

To increase security on Wazirx clone software, applying two-factor authentication (2FA) to user accounts is necessary. Users should be required to authenticate their identity using biometric verification.


KYC/AML verification:

Integrate anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) verification procedures to guarantee adherence to legal requirements and stop illegal activity on the Wazirx clone platform.


Cold storage wallet:

To protect users' fund data, prevent unauthorized access, and minimize the risk of hacking, the Wazirx clone allows users to store their funds in cold wallets. 


HTTP authentication:

HTTP authentication has been integrated into our WazirX script to practically remove hazards and vulnerabilities from network connections.


Escrow wallet:

The Wazirx clone app comes with escrow escrow-enabled wallet to protect 

user’s transaction details. This verifies the user's wallet and transfers the cryptocurrency after verification.



The Wazirx clone software is popular globally because of its advanced features. Clarisco Solution is one of the top blockchain development service companies offering cryptocurrency exchange services. They provide a reliable white-label Wazirx clone platform with numerous cutting-edge features and functionality.


Talk to our Experts Today.,

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Email Id - [email protected]

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