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Top blockchain influencers.

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Hello wonderful humans, 

 Today, I want to talk about, platforms, and people who have had alot of influence on the way you view decentralization and crypto currency as a whole. With minor, off topic rants throwed in at leisure. I haven't put alot of effort into research, this is based on my life experience, as a casual journey, that built passion, gave interest, maybe made me angry. Where ever it leads. 

 Today, my self educated blockchain views, with teachers and professors, who someday will be seen as patriots and heros, who they them self's don't for see, and some who's insight, is on a level of immortal understanding. 

( Forgive, bad Grammer, misspelling, and I know, I will, neglect to mention someone really deserving of recognition. This is casual, feel comfortable please. 

1. Altcoinfantasy.

Friendly, fun, multi blockchain, I really respect and like this platform. My user name there is Shane, I'm not active alot, but I often visit and see their passion, it gives me a good feeling when I see what they do. Please free to use me as a reference so that I can gain a point of benefit. "Shane"


2. Paytomat

I won"t spend much time today, explaining why, I will just ramble a small bit, while I throw more unorganized names, in no specific order, it would take a lot of time, to organize my mind.

Tokenpocket, trustdice.win atticlab, eosio, freebitco.in, dogecoin... this one all kinds of emotions lol I want to hear what you all, if any, have to say. Let me see inside your minds, share with me, what it is and why decentralization is or isn't important to you. Why are you here? Is it profit, another reason, maybe a political views, or even spiritual. Come let your mind vomit into my eager virtual ears.

My account I use on trustdice is my EOS account "mississippia" I sign-in through tokenpocket. I like their wallet, the information, and views is often exposed to me. It is often reason why I see as I do. We all know views are influenced by our drives. We are all potential mentors, who have unknowing impact on other humans around us. Never knowing how far, a seed we planted will grow. Be mindful. There are humans we have harmed unknowingly by bored rants, people we put fire into their souls, really open your mind. 

I will say, I had a capitalistic mind a few years back, a democratic mind, unknowingly socialistic views of a system let by really smart people have shown me how socialism, isn't as bad as the propaganda fed to me in large spoonfuls as a child. I have and am learning to not be so selfish, to care more about others, and to see people around me as a animal that needs to feed, instead of my greedy self, that will eat and eat until I harm myself. A good mind, that has good intentions for people has a whole. Like Daddy, is to his wife and children. A futuristic world that wants the best for each other.

 So you see, It is teaching me good things. tell me what you think. 

I know my mind, and the things I have done to myself out of emotion brought on by others self driven ways can't be undone. But maybe, just maybe. I can inspire a ripple, that will be a tidal wave 

pour your candy into 

Eos: "mississippia" this is the one I use on trustdice if you want to give me candy. Lol

These are because, I want to, and am having fun learning more.

Bos: "whomtheyfear"

telos: "whomtheyfear"


God's day!

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