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We are NFT Otters!

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Hello to all the artists, sellers, influencers and simply NFT-enthusiasts. We are NFT Otters


Who are NFT Otters? We're an experienced IT start-up team looking forward to the evolution of blockchain system and taking part in it. We offer the public an ecosystem, that provides an NFT agregator as well as many unique features connected to it. Our Discord contains the roadmap and the post notification channels, that help you keep up with the content we produce; our Twitter gives you all the most influential news with weekly analytics on NFT collections and, most importantly, our website has an NFT agregator with easy navigation and community-based ratings. We also have a blog with regular articles about the NFT theme integrated in our website.


As a regular user you are able to:

1. Conveniently choose the most promising NFT tokens, that are about to be released on all the blockchains in one place.

2. Take part in a developing community, that will reward it's early users.

3. Vote for the collection, you believe in and upper them in the overall rating.

4. Know the news early and don't lose anything important.


As an artist, listing your NFTs, you are able to:

1. Enlarge your audience by showing people your art.

2. Gain real user feedback and discuss your project's idea with a live audience.

3. Form your own community and find like-minded people.


We'll be happy to see you in our Discord and Twitter. Showing activity under the post (writing a comment or up-voting the post itself) on our website would also mean a lot to the project and it's founders. Cheers!


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Hi. You have an interesting project and an interesting idea, as an NFT collector I appreciate your product👍

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