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Guest Wildblue54

Love the fact you get a faucet or different choices of crypto .. every 6 hrs it's amazing .  The dice game legit and haven't made it to the slots but read positive reviews! Great casino !!

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Guest Herthao

I love trust dice! Quick pay and big payout!

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Guest Selfmade13
On 10/21/2021 at 2:04 AM, marcosw451 said:



 👉AskGamblers 👉 Sitejabber  👉Bitcointalk   👉CasinoFreak 👉 LCB    👉Chipy

Dear TrustDice players

Our review promotion is underway. We reward players for giving genuine reviews as long as it is constructive and honest.

Get your reward step by step:

  1. Read the rules above.

  • Write a genuine review.

  • The review contains a minimum of 25 words.

  • Only one prize per player will be awarded.

  • The campaign is only available for players who have never received rewards for reviewing.

  1. Comment your TrustDice username + paste your link to your review below.

  2. Rewards are sent every Friday.

Example of a successful comment: TrustDice Username + link to review. 

Have a great day further.

TrustDice Team


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Guest Ryan

Rkuczek https://www.sitejabber.com/users/ryank1158#

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Guest Snm44

I definitely trust this site 

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Guest Laosta4585

I love trust Dice best casino out there. It's easy to use and very convenient. And they give you free currency every 6 hours.

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12 July 2024

Hi, my fellow TrustDice players

The following players have successfully received their rewards for this week:


If you haven't received anything, it means your review was not qualified. You need to submit both your review link and your TrustDice username. We need this to verify the player. Also please check the spelling of your TrustDice username because in some cases it said 'the user did not exist'.

You are only allowed to receive a review reward once. We saw previous players submitting another review after receiving a reward already and this is against the rules.

If your username was spelled incorrectly, we encourage you to submit it again - 
AFTER READING THE RULES, and next week we will have a new round of rewards. Please do not forget to comment the link of your review + your TrustDice username. 

Have a great weekend

TrustDice Team

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Guest mamaking

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Guest Laosta4585

I would recommend Trust Dice to anyone, it's a very safe and easy to use platform. I've yet to withdrawal from there, but hopefully someday I'll win big. Good Luck too anyone out their, thanks Trust Dice.


Username: Laosta4585

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My username is Otis530 and trustpilot link is https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/668e0bd4fc973bcb3f5eaaff

Trust.dice is not just one of the best, but I'd have to say the best platform.or website you could choose not only just to win money, but just to have a good time. They have lots of different games other sites don't offer ànd their customer service is beyond impeccable.

Thank you Trust.Djce!


Date of experience: July 08, 2024


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Guest Aneeza33

It is good site l have tried it and it has Awesome features 


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Guest Bigmac1978


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