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What the Hack?

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Hey guy's. Round about is trustdice a really nice site. But how it works.. I played crash 10 rounds and the game crashed 10x 1,4 - 1,9. (I loss 10x) than i think okay round 11 no bet but look. and the falling ghost or jesus think okay Rcwrrc.. is not in the round, NOW take the multipliers up to 15x ++++....

Trustdice need money? 😄 Other people's have many many more as me 😛

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Yeah, I know this was posted a while ago... matter of fact, all of the shelves in this forum seem to have an even coat of dust on them...

I just wanted to second this notion, though, as I have a noticed similar pattern with Crash. Does anyone have an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Crash's number generator? I think most people would agree that the numbers are not generated purely at random. I'm fairly new to the whole idea, and in the short amount of time I've been playing I've noticed a few things:

  1. In the morning through mid day, when there aren't as many players the crash numbers seem more evenly distributed with more "to infinite and beyond" numbers - 100x + (Of course nobody ever sticks with it long enough to get those ridiculous crashes)
  2. In the evening, when 'ish starts poppin' off, there are way longer bouts of lower <2 crashes, with a sparse smattering of >3 crashes to keep the faint glimmer of hope in our hearts alive, whilst at the same time perpetuating an atmosphere of constant fear, paranoia, and self-doubt. 
  3. Pretty obvious, and I'm sure this has been alluded to elsewhere on the site, but generally Crash follows a high/low pattern. ie Crash will never just perpetually spray us with a long stream of high crashes, and has some type of RTP it conforms to.

So these are just my personal observations, and everyone's experience is subjective, so any of you veterans/experts out there please give us the real deal on Crash, because I(we) really wanna know!

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