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I lost over $40 on here exchanging crypto with other players

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I was trying to exchage my crypto for EOS a couple days with other players on TRUSTDICE  because the network transaction fee is almost free compared to BTC which is like $35. It took awhile and lots of begging and having to trade my BTC at 60% off just to get someone willing to trade with me.As I just found out today though, There's a Bitcoin converter on this website already that I could have used to cash out without havin to go through that horrendous ordeal. 


My question is, why didn't any other players mention this to me, but my real frustration was that I talked to support staff on here and asked if they had any idea how I could cash our without having to pay that huge transaction fee, and they never even mentioned the Bitcoin converter! Why was that?????????? Is the staff trying to make me keep my funds locked on this website? Was there some shady motivation there?

I'm just really  🤬

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I don't think anyone was out to get you man. That withdraw fee for bitcoin can be pretty crazy. It makes some what people would consider lousy trades really not so bad once you factor in the withdraw fees. The converter is a pretty nice tool to have. I doubt anyone intentionally ommited the fact that it exist. Now you know for next time. Depositing BTC really makes no sense unless you are playing with very large amounts. Even then why waste crypto on high withdraw fees when others are low.

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