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Lucky Spin - Wheel of Fortune

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Guyzzz! The cool Free Spins promotion has been started. 

Link to the promotion: https://trustdice.win/promotions/lucky-spin.

After playing this promotion, leave your feedback under this post and get free crypto tips from us! 🙂

Feedback about: what you like, what you don't. The better feedback, the bigger free crypto you get!


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Lucky Spin promotion 

This promotion was one of the better promotions i have seen on all casinos online. The amount needed to deposit for a spin was perfect not to much which is what made me want to give the site a try.

The rewards on the wheel also great. 

I especially like the fact that the cash/crypto prize was not a bonus fund and just a cash prize.  


The FS perfect the game for FS was nice usually casinos make the FS on games that are not that good. 


The only thing i disliked was the fact you can only spin 2x a day 😂


Edit:  thank you for replacing my two spins with $0.9 well worth the deposit..👌🏽

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Dude, thank you for such a detailed guide ... It would be very useful to me a couple of years ago when I was a stupid newbie and spent money on slots and other mini-games. I then decide a house of pokies online casino login and started playing. I entered the world of excitement and it was difficult for me to stop and find the right method for making money. As a result, thanks to my mistakes, I realized that the best thing is a poker game and started training. In two weeks I could beat any player and take all his money. So I started making money in online casinos and it was the best period of my life. By the way, I think to return to this because I do not know what else to do during quarantine!

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It's a shame that she doesn't want to play sports, but that's her wish, and there's no need to stop her from doing so. The main thing is that it does not harm her. I never played sports at all. I prefer watching games. And it turned into a gambling. I've been playing at various online casinos for many years now. I have a lot of experience in this field and know almost everything about gambling, so I often win and make money from it. The only problem I had was choosing a reliable platform, but I found https://parimatch-au.com/, where I play now.

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