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Crypto Raining Bot

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Hello everyone! I really would like to chat about Raining system.
What is the use for users?
What is the use for platform?

Let's discuss this here.



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It would broaden the potential for site earnings giving users a incentive to hang around on the site in more ways than one.

most obvious method of site earns would be in some way to monetize the consistent traffic at the site

the second method of site earns is less obvious maybe but I’m sure is the case people will most likely loose what they get rained and deposit more to feel included or to recoup their losses.

if you wanted to make the site more profit sustainable then you can have it rain certain coins with a higher frequency than other coins and also make the users it’s distributed to more selective.

Basically; do it, it will yield good results.



id personally like to know why you WOULDN’T want to add one?

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А если каждый час активируется дождь,но он будет отправлять лишь активным участникам течении этого часа или же в замисимости от твоей активности на сайте

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