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What is Binance Mirror?

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The FTX issue has increased the pressure on centralized crypto exchanges, and cold wallets are now the main emphasis. It is only natural for the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange to allow institutional investors to retain their cryptocurrency in cold storage.

Binance Exchange Solution, the world's biggest digital asset exchange by daily traded volume and global regulations, has announced the debut of Binance Mirror, an off-exchange settlement service for institutional investors. According to the release, digital assets in the Binance Mirror represent more than 60% of all assets safeguarded in Binance Custody. As a result, the company deemed it prudent to provide institutional investors with a safe option for trading digital assets.

The Binance exchange seeks new institutional clients

Binance makes a highly strategic move, launching the new Mirror service in order to capture everything, even institutional customers.

The security of a cold wallet will allow investors of a specific depth to invest with optimum security. Binance made a very wise decision by bringing likely institutional clients closer to it, which will make the exchange platform even more strong.

Binance Mirror

According to reports, Binance Mirror accounts will have a 1:1 balance on the cold storage and exchange. Tokenization of institutional assets will aid in reducing the theft of underlying assets, which are typically difficult to recover. Notably, customers of Binance Mirror will be able to redeem their positions at any moment on the Binance Crypto market.

"Security is a primary priority for institutions, who also benefit from the enormous liquidity provided by the Binance clone script Exchange. Binance Mirror "combines the best of both worlds," says Athena Yu, VP of Binance Custody. "We spent the majority of last year improving its operations so that our clients could access the liquidity of their assets housed in our cold storage." We're quite delighted with where we're at right now and can't wait to reveal our next new features that will improve Binance Mirror's functionality even more."

During the fourth quarter of 2022, the company reported a significant influx of institutional investors interested in digital assets. Furthermore, eligible institutional investors can gain access to VIP loans via the Binance Mirror.

Notably, Binance takes pride in regulatory permits in numerous jurisdictions, which increase the deep liquidity of its cryptocurrency. Furthermore, more traders with the proper leadership contribute to increased trading liquidity.


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