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Donut Rush challenge!

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Guyzzz! Time for new challenges! 😌

You need to find 3 matches. Carefully, this is not easy as you think. I was ready to throw my laptop out of window, before I could find matches. 😂

1) win in a Donut Rush game. 
2) min. bet in the game: Bet 0.05  if you're choosing to bet with bitcoin
                                           Bet 0.5 if you're choosing to bet with ethereum
2.1) the bet in the game shows in mETH, not in ETH.
3) post screenshot with your win.

How to find a game: Casino -> Provider(spinomenal) -> Games: table games. Or just press search button and search by name 😬

Prize pool (count only real players): 
Min. prize pool: 4 USDT.
If 10 players join: 10 USDT.
If 15 players join: 15 USDT.
If 20 players join: 20 USDT.

A special bonus: 7 USDT prize pool.

Finishes: at 21th October 2 AM UTC.

Did I tell you're awesome? I mean everyone who joins our challenge. You're, guys! :)) Goooood luck all! 



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@pratikbaba you did this! Congrats! 😎Yes, it's just 0.5 mETH or as it shows in the game BET: 0.5. 
For btc is also mBTC or in the game: BET: 0.05.
When I was trying to win, I was so angry 😂😂😂trying to win.

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Lit winning from 0.05 to 0.9

username cheesecake


Cmon guys please enter at least 10 ppl for 1$ prizes to each if not we will get 4$ split for 8 people 

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