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Top 10 Revenue Sources for Binance Exchange

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Binance exchange revenue is generated by ten primary sectors, including transaction fees, withdrawals, deposits, and so on. I'll go over each of them in turn below.


Transaction Fees

Binance imposes a 0.1% cash transaction fee to users who do not pay their trading costs using BNB. On this site, you may also purchase and sell quickly for a 0.5% charge.

Withdrawal Fees

In addition to the transaction fee, customers are charged a transaction fee when moving bitcoin out of their Binance account. Withdrawal fees are controlled by the blockchain network, and factors like network density can influence their quantity. For example, Bitcoin may be withdrawn from numerous networks, each with its own set of limitations and fees.

Deposit Fees

People who wish to charge their accounts with a credit card and in dollars must also pay a 4.5% fee to the Binance exchange for this transaction.

Margin Lending Fees

Binance exchange additionally earns a margin trading interest rate based on the user's VIP status and the cryptocurrency exchanged. Margin trading is a sort of trading in which the trader buys or sells by borrowing money from a third party.

Futures Trading Fees

Futures trades are available on a continuous and quarterly basis, with leverage of up to 125 times. Fees are calculated depending on the volume of 30-day transactions, the average 24-hour holding of BNB coin, and the user's VIP status. Coin-M futures are also offered to users, with the same leverage and cost structure as conventional futures.

P2P Trading Fees

Users may place orders directly through Binance P2P mode by inputting fiat or crypto quantities and choosing payment methods. Orders are matched based on the best crypto pricing available on P2P exchanges. With each order, you will receive a number of costs.

OTC trading Fees

You can also make advantage of the over-the-counter (OTC) option. Large deals are possible in the OTC market. Binance obtains fees in this manner as well, although as you are aware, you can receive any fees for its transactions.

Purchase & Sales Fees

Buying directly using foreign currencies is common on the Binance platform. There is no deposit charge, however, there is a set commission of 0.1% on purchases and sales.

Liquidity Swap Fees

Binance Liquid Swap is a feature that assists the market by offering a liquidity pool, resulting in more stable pricing and cheaper costs for big transactions. Binance Liquid Swap by Staking investors earn money from two sources: transaction fees and BNB awards for adding liquidity to the pool.


Binance's staking tool allows users to stake specific cryptocurrencies and earn up to 16% profit each year. With the staking option, you may collect fees from your users in this manner.


Final Verdict

Hopefully, you obtained a general understanding of how Binance gets revenue from various sources and the Binance business model.

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