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Bitcoin Poker 2020

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I have a question. Give a correct answer. I will pick only 1 user who gives the best answer and will send to him/her 500k Ether! 

Question: How to play Bitcoin Poker and what is the popular combinations? 

Little tip from me: What is a good answer? It's when you read it and it really helps to understand the rules of this game. Write as you think is the best. Long/short answer. Anything. Feel free to add even pictures :)) 

Deadline: Sunday(13th October) 2 AM UTC time. If we won't have acceptable answer, we might extend this little event. 
Goood luuuuck! 😎


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How to Play Poker for Beginners 


Poker uses a standard 52-card deck even when played online. It can be played by anywhere from 2-10 players at a single table. If you have enough tables and space you can actually play with thousands of players at one time in a poker tournament format.

Here’s how a basic poker game works:

The dealer deals everyone two cards starting with the player on his left and ending on himself/herself. The player on the dealer’s left is the first player to act and they have a choice to:

  1. Bet (this is No-Limit Hold’em so they can bet ANY amount they want)
  2. Check (doing nothing basically).

If anyone decides to bet then the rest of the players have the option to:

  1. Call (Match the amount of the raise into the pot)
  2. Fold (Give up the hand and all the chips they’ve already put in the pot)
  3. Raise (Put even more chips into the pot)

This continues until everyone has called or all the chips are in the middle.Once the first betting round in complete the dealer deals three cards face-up on the board. These are community cards that anyone can use. This is called the flop.

Once again everyone still in the hand gets a chance to bet and consequently raise or fold. Once that betting round is complete he dealer puts a fourth card on the table that anyone can use. This is called the turn.

Again everyone gets the chance to bet/check/raise/fold. The dealer puts a fifth card on the board that anyone can use. This is called the river. For the final time everyone gets a chance to bet/check/raise/fold.

If more than one player is still left in the hand after the final betting hand the cards are exposed and the player with the highest ranked hand wins the pot.


  1. Royal Flush (All the same suit, sequence A-K-Q-J-T)
  2. Straight Flush (Any sequence all the same suit, for instance 9-8-7-6-5)
  3. Four of a Kind (Four cards that are the same value, for instance A-A-A-A)
  4. Full House (Three of a kind AND a pair)
  5. Flush (All the same suit)
  6. Straight (A basic sequence such as 6-5-4-3-2)
  7. Three of a kind (Three cards that are the same value such as 5-5-5)
  8. Two-pair (Two pairs, such as 9-9 AND 5-5)
  9. Pair (Any pair whether it’s A-A or 2-2)
  10. High Card (Whatever your highest card is)


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How to play Bitcoin poker and what are the popular combinations?

Bitcoin poker is a poker game variation which uses Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency as stakes. There are many sorts of poker, but this one (Five-Draw Poker) shows the essential game.

Aim of the game: To have the highest-ranking hand at the end of the game.

Number of players: Four or more

Mechanics in playing Bitcoin poker:
Use the 52-card pack. Aces are high. The suits are all of equal value. Online Bitcoin poker dealer does not need to be chosen unlike the manual one where the dealer is chosen by anyone dealing from a shuffled pack: first to get a Jack becomes the first dealer. Cards are dealt one at a time from the dealer's left until each player has five cards. Players will need to have a 5-card hand that follows one of the winning combinations in poker, and/or outranks their opponents' cards.

Ranking and Combinations:
1st Royal Flush: Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 of the same suit.

2nd Straight Flush: Five cards of the same suit in consecutive ranking (e.g. A2345).

3rd Four of a Kind: Four cards of the same rank plus any other card.

4th Full House: Three cards of the same rank (Three of a kind) plus a pair. Three of a kind card values determine the rank of a full house. (e.g. Full house Jacks-to-Fives JJJ55)

5th Flush: Five cards of the same suit, not in consecutive ranking.

6th Straight: Five cards in consecutive ranking, that may or may not include an Ace, regardless of suit. The Ace can count as a high (14) or low (1) card. (23456)

7th Three of a kind: Three cards of the same rank, regardless of rank and suit, and two other cards. (e.g. KKK73)

8th Two Pairs: Two pairs of different ranks, regardless of the value and suit of the fifth card: the rank of the hand is determined by the higher of the two pairs in value. (e.g. 66889)

9th Pair: Two cards of the same rank, plus three cards that cannot make a higher ranked combination. (e.g. 74JJ2)

10th High Card: The highest ranking individual card.

You can either call, raise, or fold. If you fold, you discard your hand and lose your stake. If you call, you must put into the pool enough stake to match, but not exceed, what any other player has bet in that round. If you raise, you add more value to the call amount, subject to an agreed upper limit. When you raise, you must stake the amount you are raising by.

Once everyone has made a bet, or folded, the remaining players discard up to three cards and receive replacement cards from the dealer. Another betting round follows and you can call, raise, or fold. Previous bets cannot be withdrawn. At the end of the betting round, each player has to have put the same amount into the pool. If you don't do this, you have to fold. Then hands are shown (the showdown). The highest hand wins the pot.


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Poker game works:

Fold = if you feel like your cards are not good.
Check = just continue.

Call = agree the stake.
Raise = if you feel your cards are winning.

Belows are some examples:

Bluffing = when you had a lot to stake🤣🤣














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Okay, this is hard to decide. Other Players have a chance to join too. 
So what I'm going to do on 13th(tomorrow), I will read each answer. And a user with the clearest answer will get a reward.
I don't know any rules of how to play Poker at all, so I think it's fair if I choose which rules are more understandable. Does it fair enough? 🙂 

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3 hours ago, Legend said:

Okay, this is hard to decide. Other Players have a chance to join too. 
So what I'm going to do on 13th(tomorrow), I will read each answer. And a user with the clearest answer will get a reward.
I don't know any rules of how to play Poker at all, so I think it's fair if I choose which rules are more understandable. Does it fair enough? 🙂 

I suggest 🙄😆 you give consolation prizes to those who are not winning - as appreciation for their efforts.

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Bitcoin Poker: The Ultimate Guide 2019
Hi, you gambler! Finding a good online casino where you can play poker is very easy. However, the same can’t be said on finding a bitcoin one. The process can be time-consuming and difficult.

However, luckily for you, we are about to make your life easier and give you a thorough explanation on how to win big with Bitcoin!

What is Bitcoin?
Probably you might know by now! As bitcoin’s exposure is increasing steadily. There is a lot of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin which you can play online poker with.

However, Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be invented and the most popular until the current time. Just like other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is decentralized meaning that it can’t be controlled by single entity.

Amazing short video explaining basics of Bitcoin
Benefits of Using Bitcoin
Using Bitcoin when playing in an online casino has a perfect balance of pros and cons but what exactly are those? Here are all the reasons you can, and absolutely should use Bitcoin when gambling online:

Like most of the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is a decentralized currency. That means that no banks have jurisdiction over the transactions made using it. And thanks to that, your details aren’t shown anywhere.

You will only be asked to provide bank account or credit/debit card details when purchasing Bitcoin from an online vendor. After that everything can be entirely anonymous.

Transaction Speed
As mentioned earlier, decentralised currencies are in no need of authorisation by banks to complete any transactions using them. Due to that, the transaction speed can be rapid and sometimes even instant.

Although, you have to remember that even though they can be rapid the time your earnings can get to you when withdrawing from an online casino is determined by how much time will the platform take to review and accept your withdrawal application.

Most online casinos have the right to hold your winnings and not let you withdraw until specific arguments are met so make sure to read the guidelines carefully when you pick and register on a gambling platform.
As soon as your withdrawal application has been accepted the money will be in your cryptocurrency wallet anywhere from about 2-10 minutes.

By that, we don’t mean you will be able to perform yoga exercises but what you will be able to do is to “bypass” specific laws that may apply in your country regarding online gambling.

Some countries, especially the US, have stringent prohibitions when it comes to both online and physical gambling in general.

But at the time of this writing, there isn’t a single law anywhere in the world that states you can’t use the famous cryptocurrency to play online casino games and especially the table ones such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Poker and so on.

However, you have to be very careful because there may be laws about using Bitcoin in general in your country or gambling online. Those two can contradict and may lead gaming online using Bitcoin to become illegal where you live.

That may be the reason so many people like using Bitcoin when gambling on the Internet. Except for all the other pros, you will also be awarded much bigger bonuses when using Bitcoin.

CloudBet, for example, provides the biggest welcome bitcoin bonus which will match your deposit on a 100% level up to 5BTC which at the time of this writing is worth more than $30,000.

How to Start Playing Bitcoin Poker?
Just because it’s dealing with cryptocurrencies, not fiat money, Bitcoin poker doesn’t mean it’s complicated to register and play. All you need to play is to follow this 3 steps:

STEP ONE: Create a Wallet
The first step to play online bitcoin poker is to create a cryptocurrency wallet to be able to put the bitcoins to buy in it. Wallets are available online for free or you can purchase a physical bitcoin hardware wallets. The physical ones are better as they are more secure and can be controlled easily from the buttons on the ‘USB Stick’.

The most popular one has to be the Ledger Nano S which is affordable and has an elegant design and discrete design as well. Other options would be TREZOR and KeepKey as well as Jaxx.

Each cryptocurrency wallet comes with a unique address which you will be required to use when gambling online using Bitcoin.

STEP TWO: Buy Bitcoins
After the wallet is set up then the next step is to buy the coins to fill the wallet! To buy bitcoin players can buy it through credit cards by using regular money. There are many online exchanges where you can get Bitcoin.

The best two are Coinbase and BitPanda where you will be only asked to provide your bank account or credit/debit card details. Then, you just select the amount of Bitcoin you want to purchase and how you want them to be stored – hence, you have to pick a cryptocurrency wallet.

Apart from those two vendors, there are many other reputable and trustworthy choices such as Kraken, Bitfinex, Gemini and countless others. Some require more details and others less so take a look at each of the features all the vendors provide before deciding which one you’d like to go with.

STEP THREE: Deposit Bitcoin into Poker Site
The last thing you require is to pick up a trustworthy online Bitcoin Casino (mind you, we will help you later on!) and sign up to create an account on their platform.

Then you will go on your profile page and from there you will see an option somewhere on the dashboard that says “Deposit’ or “Your Funds” or anything of that sort. Click on it and then you will be asked to link your cryptocurrency wallet to your account.

After you do that you will be able to select and deposit any amount of Bitcoin you like, provided it is equal or more significant than the minimum deposit amount.

US Regulations about Bitcoin Poker
Bitcoin is totally legal in the US, in fact, it has the biggest bitcoin userbase in the world. The laws of Bitcoin poker is the same with traditional online poker meaning that it is legal upon state confirmation which is a growing industry in reality.

Gambling Laws In The USA
Our Picks for Best Bitcoin Poker Sites in 2019
There are plenty of online poker sites out there, but we came up with this specific list compiled by the six best Bitcoin poker sites you can find:

Bovada is one of the few online casinos that accept US players and accepts Bitcoin deposits. One of the biggest advantages of Bovada is the fast payouts which tend to be a problem for casinos and bookmakers that are allowed to operate in the US. Cheques are usually delivered within five working days, and Bitcoin transfers take approximately 15 minutes.

Bovada Poker puts $2,000,000 every week in guaranteed events. In addition to that, they host a weekly freeroll with $5000 paying out 20% of top finishers!

Read our updated review of Bovada here.

Americas Cardroom

This casino is the first go-to place for any poker player, including the US citizens. Frequent promotions and daily tournaments are what keeps players coming back. Some of the most popular games which can also be played as tournaments are:

Sit and Go
Final Table Experience
Knock Out Tournaments
Time-Based Tournaments
Multi-Table Tournaments
Make sure that you will read our Americas Cardoom review here!

Ignition Casino
Ignition Casino is number three on our list, but it doesn’t mean that they have nothing to be proud of! First of all, there are freeroll tournaments as well as games with prize pools that can reach the $2,000 mark with ease each month!

When it comes to the other ones, Sit-n-Go’s are the main attraction of the site. Just to get a grasp of how much money goes into Poker in Ignition Casino you should know that more than $1.5 million is going to the prize pools each week!

There are many high paying games but at the time of this writing the one that goes on is called Golden Spade Poker Open (or GSPO for sort) which features more than 100 events and the prize pool is $3 million. The buy-ins can start from as low as a single dollar and go as high as $450. How nice does that sound?

Feel free to check out BitPokerStar’s review of Ignition Casino here.


You may know this online casino as the one that accepts the most cryptocurrencies out of them all but what you didn’t realise is that they hold many poker games every single day.

On a regular basis you will find many hourly freeroll tournaments with small yet respectable prize pools but where the real fun begins is on the special ones such as the “Horror Tournament” that was held only some days ago with a prize pool of €1,500 in Bitcoin. This is just one of them. Every then and now there will be another high paying one popping out.

Need more info? Read the FortuneJack review.

The famous Bitcoin-only casino is known for its extensive selection of games and high payout percentage even though its games aren’t certified as “provably fair”. One of the biggest attractions of their website is the Poker room.

Their welcome first deposit awards you a 100% match bonus up to 5BTC which may as well be the highest one in the online Bitcoin gambling industry.

You can imagine their tournaments have substantial prize pools as well. They also offer some of the best paying Bitcoin poker games when it comes to freeroll ones.

Click here to visit CloudBet Casino review.

Bitcoin Poker Tournaments
Bitcoin’s growth opened new opportunities to online casinos to give more options to their players and increase their profit. The only difference between bitcoin poker and common payment poker is the conversion as the game types and tournaments are common. Here is a short recap:

Game Types
The most common game type of bitcoin poker is Texas Hold’em. Other types may include Omaha and Seven-card stud. With the difference that in normal transactions poker may be up to just 2000 while bitcoin poker can be up to 5000.

Tournament Types
Most online poker tournaments are Sit-n-Go, Bitcoin poker tournaments are the same. Either of a single table or a multi-table knockout nature. These tournaments let the players buy in with a specific amount of money and also all players on the table start with the same number of chips. Some of them may take place only for a single table until someone wins after all the other players losing all their chips.

The multi-round type is somewhat the same thing, but in this case, there are many more tables going on at the same time. The winners of each stage get a seat on the next one’s desk. The final stage winner gets the money.

In real life tournaments, the contestants may be up to 100, and that’s to say the most. When it comes to online poker tournaments, this number can easily be in the thousands.

If we had to choose which one we think is the best we would probably go with Bovada or Americas Cardroom due to the wide variety of game choices and the huge prize pools that accompany them. If you live in Europe, then Ignition Casino should be the best way to go for.

If you wanted to know which are the best Bitcoin poker, you could find online, we have hopefully answered that question with our well-researched list.

And if you’re still not sure about the rules – check our detailed guide on how to start playing the most popular type of poker – Texas Hold’em

Finally, we would like to wish you may win every single Bitcoin poker game you participate in.

If you are from New Jersey and would like to know what’s happening in terms of legislature, then read more in our 2019 update.

Good luck with your upcoming online gambling adventures! If you are looking to play in one of the best poker rooms online for bitcoin deposits then read our article about Ignition poker.

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Poker was put on hold last year by the closure of local casinos, so this industry started to slow down a bit until online venues began gaining momentum.
For me, online casino has an essential part because, besides entertainment and hobby, it also brings me some financial details. This is so far my only income to date, so I do not plan to give up the business.
I am sure you can find such avid gambling fans on this forum. Know that I am with you guys in this environment at MGM99.

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Thank you for your advice. I didn't even think before that I would earn money with the help of a casino. At first, I couldn't find a job on the Internet as a translator, especially since no one wanted to hire me without work experience and my friend recommended LowDepositCasino to read reviews on the best casinos. Now I earn many times every month, and I am very happy that I found a casino.

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I no longer hope that I will be able to get 500k Ether because the deadline has already passed, but I will give you some recommendations. First of all, read the rules of poker on the Internet, and when you remember at least some combinations, start playing with real people, but not for real money. When you gain experience and at least understand something about this game, watch professional poker players' matches to know how to behave correctly in a given situation. And over time, you will gain experience and will be able to play poker for money. By the way, I advise you to pay attention to this site -- https://fastestwithdrawalcasino.com/minimum-deposit-casinos/1-deposit-casinos/. Here you will find the best casino that you like.

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Each casino has its own rules for paying and receiving winnings. It is worth checking with the administrators of the casino where you play.Each casino has its own rules for paying and receiving winnings. It is worth checking with the administrators of the casino where you play. The moderators of the site often post the rules so players can familiarize themselves with them. But they are not always so easy to find.  When I started betting on sports, I had to look for a lot of additional information to understand better the mechanics of the odds and the winning percentage. Now I am a player with good experience. I'm even thinking of buying sportsbook software to start my website.  However, thank you for your guidance! I think they will be very useful for beginners.

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After playing various games here at no account casinos for an hour or so, I feel much happier and more at ease. They're now running various deals, so if you're involved, all you have to do is win. Nevertheless, I should advise you that it is still gambling, so move carefully! Yes, quickly. Not completely clear what the law is.

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In addition to its wide variety of games, Wolf Winner Casino offers players a variety of bonus offers https://wlfwnnrcasino.com. Some of the more generous bonus offers include a 100% first deposit bonus up to $1,000 and 50 free spins on Starburst. Players can also find free casino bonuses and tournaments all the time.

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I actually really like to play online games and casino is one of the most popular games to make money and to relax. After a long search of a proper solution,  https://www.nodepositdaily.com/review/cashmo-casino/ is the best solution in order to read reviews and to choose the best one for yourself. I personally suggest them if you are considering to choose the best effective for you. 

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Hello, in order to make an informed decision about which online casino games to play, you must first understand how they work. You need to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of each game you are interested in. First of all, of course, you need to choose a gaming platform, I can recommend that you go to BetFury gambling Plinko and read an overview of many popular and reliable casino gaming platforms.

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I'm sure the definition of a hobby has changed over the years. If before it could have been something more substantial, now even the little things are fun. For example, my hobby now is playing in the casino. Sometimes I still bet on sports. I like baseball and eSports. I do all this on one page - https://casinosanalyzer.co.uk/casino-bonuses/mobile-no-deposit. It is a very nice platform for a great leisure time.

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