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Paytomat Wallet

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Paytomat  team  created an easy-to-use mobile wallet with an access to most of the popular blockchains, lots of different features and highest security standards.
In additon, we created a payment system which allows for anyone to accept cryptocurrency - restaurants, shops, clinics and even grandmother at your local market 🙂
Paytomat is one of the EOS's block producers. 

Now let's talk about Paytomat in details:  

Paytomat is one of the few projects which operate in a non-crypto field - a network of futuristic hotels in Kyiv, snack bars in Amsterdam and cafe in Seoul are able to accept cryptocurrencies with the help of our system. 
Popular among EOS and Binance communities.
PTI, our project's token, is traded and widely represented on the Asian exchanges.
This is the only wallet which supports ERC20, BEP2, NEM, EOS. And the list is growing just like the number of tokens (currently standing at 14). 
Withdrawal of cryptocurrencies to the bank's card as well as the exchange is available inside the wallet.
There is a fee for trading operations and card withdrawals but Paytomat returns a part of this fee in the form of PTI cashback. 
EOS dApps can be accessed directly from wallet without scanning a QR code and PTI can be staked with the help of our Scatter emulation.  
You can create an EOS account by paying with one of the popular cryptoccurrencies inside our wallet. Sometimes, we even give promo codes away, allowing to create it for free. 

Follow our news channel: 

Join 35,000 users of Paytomat Wallet by downloading our wallet: 

http://bit.ly/‎iOSWallet  (App for iOS

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them in our chat

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Is Paytomat wallet is particularly for specific Cryptocurrency? Or it is the Multi Cryptocurrency wallet, as I have JINGS COIN cryptocurrency and It is the Most Profitable Cryptocurrency available in the Market. So i want to know that if Jings coin can work with wallet or not. Please let me know as soon as possible.

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