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TokenPocket Pro is live with a built-in Dapp Store

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Today, we’re happy to announce two EXCITING news to the community!
1. TokenPocket is now back on AppStore.
2. TokenPocket Pro is officially launched.


We recommend using TokenPocket(AppStore version) as the daily crypto wallet which has been met most of the demands of a crypto user.
And use TokenPocket Pro(TestFlight version) as the advanced crypto wallet to play dapps on the phone.

What’s different?
TokenPocket: Manage wallets/resources/permissions and authorize third-party DAPP.
TokenPocket Pro: Supports 2200+ Dapps on EOS, ETH, TRON, and IOST with a built-in Dapp Store.

Left: TokenPocket — Right: TokenPocket Pro
The conclusion is that the regular version(TokenPocket) on AppStore without the 「Discover」, the beta version(TokenPocket Pro) on TestFlight has the built-in Dapp Store — 「Discover」, besides that, they are almost the same.

Why TestFlight?
According to the regulation, we have to remove the Dapp Store on the AppStore version. But as we know that lots of users have the demands that play dapps on their phone, thus we decide to launch a beta version with a built-in Dapp Store on TestFlight.
TestFlight is an online service developed by Apple for over-the-air installation and testing of mobile applications.

Learn more about TestFlight.

Get Start with TokenPocket
Step 1: Download TokenPocket on AppStore


Step 2: Download TokenPocket Pro on TestFlight


Step 3: Sync your wallets from TokenPocket to TokenPocket Pro
Go to [Me]>[Settings]>[Wallet Data Migration]
Tap [Start migrating]>[Copy to TokenPocket Pro]

Start your journey of discovery
Download TokenPocket from App Store or Google Play.
Go to [Discover] > [DApps]

Follow TokenPocket

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