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Earn Cryptocurrency by Playing games || Hora Tokens

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Game Name:       Crypto Idle Miner

Rewards:     Hora token

Operating System:    Android/IOS

Crypto Idle Miner is a exciting, thrilling and innovative simulation game that they’re working on! A new video game that will take you on a journey on how to become a master of blockchain and understand everything that there is in this hectic crypto mining world!

You’ll be able to learn how this world works, make smart investments, create and upgrade your empire while playing this unique game! Smartly designed to give you a real-life experience of blockchain, combined with gorgeous art and graphics, this game will have you hooked and entertained for long time! So, wait no more, take a leap and dive deep into crypto world!


What is HORA Token?

When we came to an idea to create Crypto Idle Miner video game and started the first concept of it, it was only natural to implement our own cryptocurrency in order to provide you maximum feel of blockchain world simulation. So, we did just that!

HORA Token is a brand new and unique type of cryptocurrency on the market, which is built on the TRC20 system on the Tron network. Now you are probably wondering how you can earn them and for what they can be used? In order to earn them, you’ll need to play the game and make your progress within the game. You’ll be able to earn resources in our Crypto Idle Miner video game that will redeemable for HORA Tokens. Another way of earning HORA Tokens is with our referral system, by bringing new people to our game(s). And yes, HORA Tokens will be the main currency of all our future game titles as well!







You can claim free HORA Token By entering these PROMO Codes









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