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More valuable suggestions ,More BTC rewards!!!

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1 Player—1 Account—1Post

Everyone puts forward a suggestion that is in line with our current products (content includes: existing problems of products, and the specific ways to optimize it).

We will select some of the more valuable ideas from the participants' Suggestions.

 If the number of participants is less than Five , this promotion will be cancelled, unless someone suggestion is very good and you can get certain BTC rewards. 

Prize Pool (based on the number of unique players):

Minimum prize pool: 0.0005 BTC

If over 20 participants: 0.001BTC

If over 100 participants: 0.005 BTC

Ends: 02/09/2019 (9am) GMT


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Привет. Я рекомендую вам:

1. Запретить регистрацию на 5-ти минутные почты.

2. Сделать кран каждые 1-2 часа.

3. Сделать дождь в чате на сайте казино. ( можно только для VIP1 + )

4. Добавить русскую комнату чата, это даст вам большое количество новых игроков. Не все знают английский язык.

5. Запретить регистрацию на одинаковую почту Gmail..

6. Платить за посты на форуме, за активность в чате на сайте казино.

7. Сделать бонус при депозите.

8. Пожалуйста, сделайте меньше минимальную сумму вывода для криптовалют.

9. TIP Нужно подтверждать по почте.

10. Добавить новую онлайн игру.


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1) one button to disabled the animation in crash
2) add spanish chat and maybe more lenguages
3) add rainbot in chat
4) a link to get back index in coinbox faucet
5) fix the input of "bet amount", when you open the game in the input of bet is too big (sometimes is all your balance) if you dont be careful you can go all in by mistake 😕 I think if that input show by default the min bet would be great
6) an exchange would be great too
7) I like forum challenge, pls keep doing it
7) and my last suggestion is add dogecoin 🙂

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1- Add a room in Spanish and other rooms in different languages
2- Correct the lot of bet at the beginning of the session (since by mistake today I lost the balance so hehe)
3- Add a rainbot
4- Continue with the challenges of the forum
5- Add in the future more currencies such as, xrp, doge, NEO, npxs, BTT, among others
6- add an exchange
7- That at the time of passing a tip there is an option to pass it in private
8- That there are speed options in the says, low medium, fast

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1: first of all you must add the rainbot for the rains

2: update the game says is very slow

3: In the game of says you must keep the minimum bet because when updating the balance appears with preserve

4: they must follow the challenges of the forum that attracts more users

5: add a currency exchange

6:add more language rooms especially for me Spanish

7:add the command to the user can rain to share profits

8:add command for trivias in the chat

9: add more coins like dogecoin bitcoin cash ripple etc

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First of all ,thanks for  all your Guys  great ideas for our product . We will take care of it . 

As usual,  I will send BTC Rewards in chatroom .Please check it .:classic_biggrin:


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On 2/2/2020 at 11:17 AM, Mrzoom said:

crash to have a counter of profit that goes along with the crash number climb

That sounds to be a really good idea. It helps to show your profit better. Thanks for the suggestion, mrzoom 😊

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