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Write Content - Get Bitcoin

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Hello everyone! We have new and super cool Bitcoin Promotion. 🙂

Here is the rules:
1. Write content (text, post, etc) 
2. Characters amount: up to 250+
3. Topic: anything related to Crypto. For example(it's just examples): where to buy TRX, how to sell USDT, what is IOTA, best ethereum game, Doge coin memes, any of your favorite crypto topic is welcome to write, etc. 
4. 1 user - 1 post. 

A copy from other sources is allowed in the post. Only 30-40%, the rest of the post should be original. 

Where to publish your post: Anywhere in the forum, where it's appropriate. For example, you plan to write topic about bitcoin, then you can do it on Bitcoin discussion section. DON'T WRITE your Content under this post. 

Reward pool:
Minimum prize pool: 0.00025 BTC
If over 5 participants - 0.0005 BTC 
If over 10 participants - 0.001 BTC 
If over 15 participants - 0.002 BTC

ENDS: 22 August 10 PM GMT.


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I gave it a shot! I love crypto and video games, the fact that they are now combined is really exciting to me.  So that is what my topic was about, crypto and video games!

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39 minutes ago, cryptoplaya said:

I tried posting the link and says hidden?

We've posted, now it's fine. 

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Guys! Rewards have been sent! 8,500 satoshi to each user! 🙂

Thank you for joining this little event. New events soon!


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